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Princess Amber is the spoiled and vain stepsister of Sofia the First, the stepdaughter of Miranda, the sister of James and daughter of King Roland who is from teh show "Sofia the First". She has blonde hair, a yellow dress with ruffles and a crown. She is voiced by Darcy Rose Byrnes.


When Sofia enters the castle, Amber disliked her immediately and became snooty towards her. She also became extremely jealous when her brother, James was playing with Sofia more than her and when she got the Amulet of Avaior. She tricks James into getting Sofia wet by swinging on the magic swing, thus getting James in trouble. She even told Sofia to put on Cedric the Sorcerer's magic shoes, but it causes Sofia to crash into her while dancing. Sofia realizes this and refuses to talk to Amber. Amber, feeling dejected, runs to her room crying, until she sees that Sofia put everyone to sleep by a spell. Amber and Sofia team up to stop Cedric and break the spell. Despite all that trouble,she caused Sofia, she warms up to her and becomes an ally and a sister to her, though she's still very very vain.

Mystery Case Files Stories Edit

She first debuts in "MCF: Daisy and the Stone Queen" she, Sofia and James were turned to Stone by the Stone Queen, but they, along with Daisy, Sophie, Howl, and their parents stop the Stone Queen from doing it again.

In "MCF: Families Reunited at Last" in the episode "The Pets and the Minotaur," she, her stepsister and brother are witnesses to the cursed minotaur(Dimitri, Tracy and Tricia's biological father) taking the pets under the influence of an evil warlock.

She returns in KC: Annie's Princess Problem as she tries to help her sister help Annie get adjusted to Royal Prep. But eventually has other matters to attend to once she sees her friends.

In KC; The Curse of Princess Ivy she finds out Sofia's secret and eventually later becomes an official member of the Kid Crusaders as Annie and Sofia's students.

MCF Appearances Edit

  • MCF: Daisy and the Stone Queen(Debut)
  • MCF: Families Reunited At Last(Episode: The Pets and the Minotaur)
  • KC: Annie's Princess Problem
  • KC: The Curse of Princess Ivy


  • She's very simular to Anastasia from Cinderella. Both disrespect their sisters, but eventually warm up to them.
  • She's also similar to Tricia as well.

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