Prince Salvador De Las Tortes
 Prince Salvador de Las Tortes or you can call him by "Salvador" or "Sal" is Princess Esperanza's boyfriend/husband who is an OC of Detective88. He is the prince of an unknown kingdom which will be revealed in a future story


Prince Salvador was betrothed to Princess Esperanza since their childhood, but none realized it and are best friends. As they grew older, they fell in love with each other, despite the fact that King Alonzo, Esperanza's father kept Esperanza teaching magic for the last 9 years. During this time, Salvador proposes to Esperanza. While she goes off to tell her parents the news about the engagement, Salvador encounters Orochimaru. Orochimaru knocked out Salvador and locked him in the dungeon while Orochimaru impersonate and disguises himself as Salvador himself. During this time, Salvador was fearing he wasn't gonna be rescued, until the MCF and their friend Buzzy the Crow got locked in the dungeon by Orochimaru. When they saw him, they thought Sal was an imposter since the one they encountered before was Orochimaru in disguise(though they didn't know it...yet). Salvador proves it by showing them his royal birthmark on the back of his neck and singing the lullaby he used to sing to Daisy. The MCF, Buzzy and Salvador escaped the dungeon and stopped the wedding of Orochimaru and a hypnotized Esperanza just in time to reveal Orochimaru's true intentions. Salvador kisses Esperanza, breaking the spell on her before giving her some of his magic so they can defat Orochimaru together. The two lovers were then married later on, though when Alonzo called Salvador by his full name he says, "Prince Salvador or Sal is fine."

Salvador returns in "The Crystal Empire." He and Esperanza are now rulers of the Crystal Empire, but with the Horned King trying to take it away again after 1000 years. However, he's been using his magic to protect it making him ill, so the MCF, Buzzy, KT, the RMCF and the boys lifted up the spirit of the Crystal Heart and Buzzy and Salvador brought the Crystal Heart, destroying the Horned King and curing Salvador's illness.


  • Salvador has a sweet tooth detailing that he adores red velvet cake and strawberry cupcakes and is a monster/vore lover.
  • When Daisy was very young, Salvador was Daisy's babysitter. The ironic joke is that Daisy's actress Bridgit Mendler and Salvador's voice actor David Henrie worked together in the movie "The Secret World of Arrietty"


  • MCF: My Big Fat Mystery Wedding(debut)
  • MCF: The Crystal Empire

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