Prince James, Sofia's kind stepbrother


Prince James is the stepbrother of Sofia the first, Amber's biological brother and King Roland's son. Unlike Amber who is a snob, Prince James is kind and sweet to Sofia and helps whenever he can. He is voiced by Zach Callison.


James becomes Sofia's stepbrother after his father marries Miranda(Sofia's mom). He gets used to Sofia as a stepsister immediately and tells Amber that he likes her better than Amber, despite him having a good brother-sister relationship with Amber. He has a bad habit of breaking the rules, however, he is shown to be very honest, telling the truth about breaking the stained glass window where Sofia took the blame for.

In MCF: Daisy and the Stone Queen, James along with his sisters were turned to Stone by the Stone Queen, but luckily, he was turned to normal and he, Amber, Sofia and their parents help Daisy and her family stop the Stone Queen.


  • It is unknown if he or his family will return.


  • MCF: Daisy and the Stone Queen(debut)
  • MCF: Families Reunited At Last(Episode: The Pets and the Minotaur)