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Prince Derek is the love interest then husband of Princess Odette in The Swan Princess. He is a handsome prince who at first didn't like his bride-to-be until adulthood and one of the main purposes of the movie is to have him show Odette that he loves her other than her beauty which is what she needs to lift the curse put on her. He has brown hair, blue eyes, a white shirt, blue pants and tunic and a beinge sleeves; he is voiced by Howard McGillian.

Bio Edit

Prince Derek was a little boy(about 2 or something) when he went to the birth ceremony of Princess Odette and gave her a necklace. This gave his mother, Queen Uberta and her father King William the idea that the two would spend time together every summer in the hopes they fall in love. Of course, as they grow up, Derek and Odette, being kids at the time hated the idea, but as they were growing up into teens, later adults, they start to fall in love with each other, officially doing so by the time they reach adulthood. When Derek announces the marriage, Odette calls it off unless he tells her why he wants to do so. Derek accidentally says that while she's beautiful, what else is there about her. Derek realizes his mistake and is distraught about this until he hears that William's cart was attacked by a Great Animal(Rothbart). Derek rushes there and hears from a dying William about the Great Animal and Odette is gone. Derek deduces that she was captured by the beast and sets forths to defeat it, by practicing to nonstop while Uberta tries to marry him off to a different princess. One day as Derek and his friend Bromley are in the woods when they encountered Odette as a swan and Derek, thinking it's one of the forms of the monster chases it until he reaches Swan Lake, where he witnesses Odette transform. He then tells Odette to meet him at the royal ball which his mother is planning. However, since there was no moon, Odette is stuck in her swan form and is replaced by Brigit, Rothbart's hag minion in disguise as Odette. he gives her the vow of Everlasting Love, unknowingly that by doing so to Bridgit, kills Odette. Rothbart arrives to point this mistake out to him and Derek rushes to find Odette who is dying. He then challenges Rothbart, who turns into the mysterious Great Animal to a fight. While Derek fights, he accidentally loses one of his arrows before Bromley manages to toss it to Derek. Derek successfully kills Rothbart and gives Odette the Vow of Everlasting Love which resurrects her. They then marry and live happily ever after.

Trivia Edit

  • He has a similarity to Prince Eric from The Little Mermaid in case of falling for the Trap that Rothbart had set for him in the royal ball.