Precious Nut Job

Precious the Dog is a character from "The Nut Job."  She is a female pug with brown eyes and she wears a red collar with white bones. She is funny, sassy and she's always there to help Surly and his gang even if it means defying her former owner Lucky, henchman to King. She is voiced by Maya Ruldolph.


Precious first appears as she chases Surly as he raids the nut cart. He escapes her. It is shown that she is mistreated by King, but doted by his girlfriend Lana and his partner Lucky. She is then threatened to the sound of a dog whistle unless she gets rid of the rats and such that raid the nut shop which serve as the hideout. She actually is friendly with Surly and she joins in on the heist on the bit that he would not use the dog whistle. She then later mourns Surly's death when the waterfall kills him, but the squirrel is alive and she licks his face before going to her new owner Lana. 

In "MCF: Families Reunited at Last", she appears in the episode "Strawberry's Berry Big World" where she appears minorly. The first time is where she helps Cherry and Lemon, who arrived on Oakton thanks to Angela, Jafar's pupil and takes her and Buddy to Surly and her friends. She then allies with the other animals to save Cherry and Lemon when they are threatened by Raccoon. 


  • She is the second animated film character voiced by Maya Ruldolph. The first was Rapunzel in SHrek the Third.


  • MCF: Families Reunited at Last(Debut; Strawberry's Berry Big World)