Poppy O'Hair card

Poppy O'Hair is the twin daughters of the original Rapunzel and Holly's sister. She wants to follow her own destiny, but beccomes a Roybel(Royal  and Rebel). She has blue eyes, a purple/pink dress wwith boots, a pink bandana, short purple/gold hair and a black scarf.


Poppy O'Hair arrives at Ever After High where she joins wher sister Holly and she is told by Baba Yaga to choose the clases to be a Royal or a Rebel. 

She then finds out by her sister that Holly is not the older twin, she is, but she doesn't want to be the next Rapunzel. SHe tells Holly and they decide to not tell anyone.

She is set to debut in "MCF and the Ever After High where she befriends Tracy. In later stories, she becomes her roomate after Raina transfers to Acme Looniversity


  • She might form  abond with Tracy in "MCF and the Ever AFter High" 


  • MCF and the Ever After High(Debut)

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