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Sweeney Todd - Poor Thing

Poor Thing is a song from "Sweeney Todd: the Demon Barber of Fleet street." In the song, Mrs. Lovett explains to Sweeney Todd about the fate of his wife, Lucy who Turpin pursues before he lures her into a trap for her to be raped at his party. This is where Todd decides to get revenge on Turpin and where it is revealed Mrs. Lovett's crush on Todd. 


SWEENEY: “You’ve got a room over the shop, haven't you? If times are so hard, why don't you rent it out?”

MRS. LOVETT: “There? No one will go near it. People think it's haunted.”

SWEENEY: “Haunted?”

MRS. LOVETT: “Yeah. And who's to say they're wrong? You see, years ago, something happened up there. Something not very nice.”

There was a barber and his wife

And he was beautiful

A proper artist with a knife

But they transported him for life

And he was beautiful…

“Barker, his name was. Benjamin Barker.”

SWEENEY: “What was his crime?”

MRS. LOVETT: “Foolishness.”

He had this wife, you see

Pretty little thing

Silly little nit

Had her chance for the moon on a string

Poor thing

Poor thing

There was this Judge, you see

Wanted her like mad

Every day he’d send her a flower

But did she come down from her tower?

Sat up there and sobbed by the hour

Poor fool

Ah, but there was worse yet to come, poor thing


The Beadle calls on her, all polite

Poor thing, poor thing

The Judge, he tells her, is all contrite

He blames himself for her dreadful plight

She must come straight to his house tonight!

Poor thing, poor thing

Of course, when she goes there

Poor thing, poor thing

They're havin' this ball all in masks

There's no one she knows there

Poor dear, poor thing

She wanders, tormented and drinks

Poor thing

The judge has repented, she thinks

Poor thing

“Oh, where is Judge Turpin?” she asks

He was there, all right --

Only not so contrite!

She wasn't no match for such craft, you see

And everyone thought it so droll

They figured she had to be daft, you see

So all of ’em stood there and laughed, you see

Poor soul!

Poor thing!


SWEENEY: “NOOOOOO!!! Would no one have mercy on her?”

MRS. LOVETT: “So it is you. Benjamin Barker.”

SWEENEY: "Where is Lucy? Where is my wife?"

MRS. LOVETT: "She poisoned herself. Arsenic, from the apothecary down the corner. I tried to stop her, but she wouldn't listen to me. And he's got your daughter."

SWEENEY: "He? Judge Turpin?"

MRS. LOVETT: "Adopted her. Like his own."

SWEENEY: "Fifteen years, I've sweated in a living hell on a false charge. Fifteen years dreaming that I might come home to a wife and child."

MRS. LOVETT: "Well, I can't say the years have been particularly kind to you, Mr. Barker -- !"

SWEENEY: "No! Not Barker. That man is dead. It's Todd now - Sweeney Todd. And he will have his revenge.”


  • This song is one of the darkest songs in the musical as it shows description on what happens to Lucy.


  • Mrs. Lovett(Sweeney Todd; MCF: Blood at the Ball; MCF and the Demon Barber)
  • Cato(MCF and the Revenge of the Phantom)

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