Pinkamena "Pinkie" Pie is a pink Earth Pony with baloons for a cutie mark, poofy pink mane and tale and is a represenative of the Element of Laughter. She is bubbly, ditzy and fun. She is voiced by Andrea Libman, but her singing voice is Shannon Chan-Kent.


Pinkie Pie is the first friend that greets Twilight and Spike when they arrive in Ponyville in the pilot. Twilight refuses to be her or anybody's friend because of her studies, but she warmed up to Pinkie later on. Pinkie is bouncy and she is known to bounce on certain bit. She got her Element of Laughter by laughing at the scary trees in the Forest on the way to Nightmare Moon's castle.

Pinkie Pie EqG full body

Pinkie Pie works for Mr. and Mrs. Cake as a babysitter to their twins Pumpkin and Pound and is helper over there. She's very good at making friends, even she and Rarity stopped Iron Will who taking Fluttershy with him.

Pinkie can turn back into Pinkamena when she's depressed and mad, seen in "A Party of One".

Appearances Edit

  • MCF: The Race of Death(debut)
  • MCF and the Pony Mystery
  • MCF: Adventures in Ponyville
  • MCF: Emmy's Pride
  • MCF: 20 Candles
  • MCF: Twilight's Kingdom
  • MCF: The New Sunset
  • MCF: Gravity Battle


  • Pinkie's bounciness and fun is simular to Tigger of the Winnie the Pooh movies.
  • Pinkie's personality is simular to Dee-Dee from Dexter's Labratory, who is also bouncy and silly.