Pico Nixon

Pico Nixon is an OC by EmmyDisney17 who is first used in "MCF: Wander's World Tour." She is a 7 year old Mexican girl with dark brown hair in a set of ponytails, set in braids, a red viser with a yellow sash, a black blouse, purple jeans and gold sandals. She is one of the people Wander meets in Mexico. She is voiced by Mary Charles Jones.


Pico is first introduced by Speedy Gonzales and Slowpoke Rodriegez as she is sitting alone by a schoolyard and bullied by Antionio for being little and an average racer while Antonio is the fastest. Feeling bad, Wander who is on his tour of Mexico meets Pico and takes care of her before the big race. She manages to beat Antonio and win the race, but it's her friendship with Wander that is worth winning. She is given one of the MCF dolls before Wander leaves for his next stop.


  • She is inspired by Vanellope Von Shweetz from "Wreck it Ralph" and Lilo from "Lilo and Stitch" as they are bullied by a certain enemy and are made fun of by said enemy.
    • They also befriend an unknown stranger who helps them achieve their goal.
  • It is unknown at this moment that Pico would return and meet the rest of the MCF and the others.


  • MCF: Wander's World Tour(Debut)

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