Phoebe is Helga's best friend on Hey Arnold. Phoebe is very timid and nice despite the treament that Helga gives her in the show. She has episodes where it deals with her problems. She is an Asian girl with black hair, glasses, a blue sweater, pants and shoes; she is voiced by Andi McAffee.


Phoebe was born in Kentucky and, at some point, moved to Hilwood at a young age.

Among her most notable moments was when she won the City Academic Bowl ("Phoebe Takes the Fall"), a competition that she shouldn't even have been in, as Helga, in an attempt to win the only trophy her older sister Olga never won, had won her school's spot at the Bowl by forcing Phoebe to miss the final question (ironically, McAfee did not receive credit for the role in that episode). At the opposite end of the spectrum, she was utterly humiliated in front of the entire student body ("Phoebe's Little Problem") when she was caught passing gas into a microphone on stage as she was receiving an award, and subsequently refused to ever go to school again (somewhat ironically, the award was for her perfect attendance). Among her other achievements are winning the Parents Tournament Weekend with her parents ("Parents Day") and the City Go-Kart Grand Prix with Helga and Harold ("Grand Prix").

She's also pretty good at handling a fencing sword ("Phoebe Cheats"), even when it's a flashlight ("Wheezin' Ed"). (However, music is one of those disciplines where you need creativity, and that seems to be one of few things that Phoebe lacks, if "Phoebe Cheats" is anything to go by.) Just as Gerald hangs around with Arnold, Phoebe hangs around with Helga, who considers Phoebe her best friend (she even says so in "Magic Show", after yelling at her), mainly because Phoebe is probably the only person who likes Helga the way she is ("Helga's Makeover").

Phoebe is Helga's "shadow", right down to the point where seeing Helga cry made her cry as well ("Downtown As Fruits"). It's hinted that Phoebe has a crush on Gerald.

In 'MCF: Shooting Stars", she meets Wander and Sylvia's alien friends as they're on the run. Instead of being afraid, she is curious of them and offers to help them. When convincing her friends that they are nice, they know that Lord Hater is the one who made their ships crash. She along with her friends, Mystery Inc., Wander, Sylvia, Mordecai, Rigby, Genie, Eden, Ranjan, and the MCF prepare for war against Hater.

It is unknown if she'll return in a future story.


  • She has a crush on Gerald as shown in many of the episodes
  • There is some evidence that she is musically inclined as well; she's carrying what appears to be a string bass in "Helga and the Couch and is practicing some sort of large horn in "School Dance.


  • MCF: Shooting Stars(Debut)

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