Penny Proud

Penny Proud is the main protagonist of the Proud Family. She is a care-free African American girl who would do anything a normal teenager could do, despite her father's overprotectiveness. She debuted in "MCF: The Replacements". She is voiced by Kyla Pratt.


Penny is a straight A-Student and loves hanging out with her friends(who sometimes ditch, but care about her). She respects her family and goes into peer pressure. She's a very talented singer and one time became Penne but quit after missing her old life. In the Proud Family Movie, she turns 16 and wants to have independent, but Oscar is having a hard time letting to. She saves the world from Dr. Carver, making Oscar allow her to have independence.

In "MCF: The Replacments", she is one of the hostages Discord captures along with the jewels from the museum. Once Lilo, Stitch, Buzzy and Mole came to the rescue, Penny reconizes Lilo and knew that she and the other girls, Mavis, Audrey, Xero, Guu and Coraline are replacing the MCF for a day. Penny along with the others, convince Lilo after she was Discorded to not give up on her friendship, restoring her and her friends' colors and helps the RMCF(what the girls became later on) defeat Discord.

She has yet to appear in another appearance.


  • Penny seems to remember Lilo after the episode "Spats."


  • MCF: The Replacements(debut)