Commander Peepers is the colonel of the Watchdogs and Lord Hater's number one staff member. He is described as a eye for a head, a tiny body with arms and legs and he wears a black uniform with a red lightning bolt on it and a black helmet with a yellow lightning on it. He is voiced by Tom Kenny.


Peeprs is loyal to Lord Hater and will always serve at his commands. At times he would get annoyed with Wander, but he gets mostly angry at his henchmen for sometimes following in Wander's crazy antics. Peepers despite being posh, is fearful of Hater because of his temper and will obey every command he gives him.

In "MCF: The Space Odyssey", he helps Lord Hater and Queen Slug-for-a-Butt destory our heroes, but he's confused over Hater and Slug-for-a-Butt's relationship.


  • His actor, Tom Kenny previously worked with Craig McCracken on "The Powerpuff Girls" as the Mayor and The Narrator and "Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends" as Eduardo.
  • It should be noted in "The Prisoner", he completely doubted Hater's claims of Wander and Sylvia being a pair of "sly, cunning, devious tricksters". However, in "The Little Guy", Peepers made a point of holding an emergency meeting for all the Watchdogs in the middle of the night to prepare the soldiers of the "dangers" of Wander and Sylvia's fun-loving ways.
  • In most episodes, Wander calls Peepers "Mister Peepers", but he calls him "Commander Peepers" in "The Bounty".
  • In episodes that are focused on him, Peepers has his own theme music. Andy Bean once confessed that it is simply a minor key version of the Mexican folk song "La Cucuracha". He also said it's one of his favorite things he composed for Wander.[1]
  • "The Prisoner" is the first episode where he is called "Commander Peepers".


  • MCF: The Space Odyssey(debut)
  • MCF: Shooting Stars(return)
  • MCF: A Cinderella Story
  • MCF: The Brainstorm
  • MCF: Gravity Battle