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Paulina Sanchez isis a Hispanic cheerleader and the prettiest and most popular girl at Casper High School. She
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Paulina Sanchez as she appears in Danny Phantom.

was former crush of Danny Fenton/Phantom. She is also Raina's main rival in the MCF series as well as Tracy and the other girls' rival. She is voiced by Maria Canals Barrea.


Her father spoils her and is shown to be extremely egotistical. Since "Parental Bonding", it has been shown that Danny has a nearly obsessive crush on Paulina. The two of them dated in "Lucky in Love", although it is revealed halfway through the episode that Paulina was being possesed by Kitty. Paulina having no memory of the events that happened while she was overshadowed, still has no interest in Danny Fenton, but she grows madly in love with his alter ego, Danny Phantom (she even has a shrine to him in her locker, complete with candles), since he has saved her on more than one occasion. But that wasn't the only time Danny and Paulina have dated, once when Danny asked Paulina to go to the dance. Their relationship had Sam in the pits. When Danny and Paulina dated, Sam was in a rage of jealousy seeing as she had a secret crush on him. At the end Paulina tells Sam in the bathroom during the dance, she thought Sam and Danny were dating, so she tried to steal Danny to make Sam jealous.

In the episode "What You Want" Tucker and Danny both take control of Paulina's body, replacing Paulina's voice with Danny and Tucker's voices rather than combining her voice with theirs.

According to Spectra in "Doctor's Disorders," Paulina has a mole, though the location of it is unknown.

In "Reality Trip", Paulina (along with the rest of the world) finds out the connection between Danny Fenton and Danny Phantom and kisses him, putting Sam into a jealous rage. She also says at the time that she can get used to "Paulina Fenton" (Which is a reference to the episode "Pirate Radio".) In "Forever Phantom", she met Danny Phantom and she decided to fall in love as if she could remember that he was a true hero, chasing him within a mob of fans.

MCF Stories Edit

In MCF stories, she is considered a rival to the girls, but mostly to Raina. Paulina always strives to beat Raina in everything and always come out on top. She could either be an antagonist by herself or with her friends Shirona and Adele.


  • Somewhere in Season 1
  • MCF and the Parent Case(in a mix of Nick and Cindy's roles)
  • MCF and the Magic Mystery
  • MCF: An Alien's New Life
  • MCF: 20 Candles
  • MCF: Rock and Rule(cameo)
  • MCF: The New Sunset


  • In the Danny Phantom show, Paulina is Danny's only crush who has pupils in her eyes.
  • Like Valerie, Paulina only showed interest in Danny's ghost half, rather than his human half. Though in Reality Trip, She seem to like him as a whole when she learned that Danny Fenton and Danny Phantom were one and the same.
  • Her relationship with Danny is similar to the relationship of Lois Lane and Clark Kent/Superman, where she is only interested in the superhero part and not the normal part.
  • In the episode Memory Blank she was celebrating her quinceañera's party, and invited Danny, Sam and Tucker so that way Inviso-Bill (Danny Phantom) appear on her party, but later when she saw Danny Phantom she tried to invite him so she can uninvite Danny and his friends.
  • She is voiced by Maria Canals, who is also known for her role as Theresa Russo in the Disney Channel Series, Wizards Of Waverly Place.
  • It is unknown how Tracy and Paulina met or how their rivarly started. It is most likely going to be revealed in The One When Tracy meets Danny.
  • How she and Raina became rivals is revealed in Season 1
  • Though in the show it is never revealed what her last name is. It is commonly referred to as Sanchez in fanfiction.

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