Anastasia - Paris Holds the Key (To Your Heart)03:08

Anastasia - Paris Holds the Key (To Your Heart)

Paris Holds the Key to Your Heart is a song from Anastasia. Sophie, Vlad's girlfriend takes Anya, Dimitri and Vlad for a tour of Paris. At the same time, Dimitri realizes that Anya is Anastasia and is sad that when he gives Anya to her grandmother, he would lose the love of his life.


Accordion Player: Lovers Lady Flower Seller: Ooh la la...

Sophie: Welcome my friends to Paris Here have a flower on me Forget where you're from You're in France Children, come I'll show you that French joie de vivre Paris holds the key to your heart and all of Paris plays a part

Accordion Player & Flower Seller: Just stroll two by two Down what we call la rue

Sophie & All: And soon all Paris will be singing to you Ooh la la.... Ooh la la.... Ooh la la....

Maurice Chevalier: Paris holds the key to l'amor

Freud: And not even Freud knows the cure

Aviator: There is love in the air

Josephine Baker: At the Follies Bergere

Artiste: The French have it down to an art

All: Paris holds the key to your heart

Sophie: When you're feeling blue Come to Le Moulin When your heart says don't, the French say do Can Can Girls: When you think you can't, you'll find you can can Sophie: Everyone can can can

Sophie & Can Can Girls: You can can too Whee...whee...whee

Dimitri: Paris holds the key to her past Yes, Princess, I found You at last No more pretend, you'll be gone at the end

Ensemble: Paris holds the key to your heart

Conturier: You'll be "tres jolie" and so smart!

Isadora Duncan: Come dance through the night

Rodin: And forget all your woes

Sophie & All: The city of light

Gertrude Stein: Where a rose is a rose

Sophie & All: And one never knows what will start Paris holds the key

Dimitri: to her ...

Sophie & All: Heart

Sophie: Ooh la lah....

All: Ooh la lah....


  • Sophie, Citizens of Paris and Dimitri(Anastasia)
  • Sophie, Citizens of Paris, Wander, Tracy and Raina(MCF: Wander's World Tour)

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