Othello Pic

Othello in both his human and monster forms.


Othello Reaper Boogie is Subuku No Jess's OC who is created by Subuku No Jess. He is the long lost grandfather of Oogie Boogie and is a friend of the MCF, treating them like a father-figure to them, especially Jessy and Raina. He debuted in a parody of "The Whale who Wanted to Sing at the Met" and is 'voiced' by Vin Diesel.


Othello was once ruler of Halloween Town, but like his grandson's enemy, he treated it with love and care. However accidents involved in his past turned him into a monster. He was said to commit suicide, but he survived and is in hiding or traveling around. He became a friend to all humans, mess with them and he'll swallow you up. He is also Princess Emeraude's boyfriend, when they became a couple in a parody of the Tex Avery cartoon "Little 'Tinker."


Othello in his boogeyman form is a giant burlap sack of bugs and trash with a scar over his right eye, a piece of yarn for hair and a sythe on his back. In his human form he is an average sized African American man with long black hair, black eyes, a brown vest over a white vest, brown tattered pants and a black hankerchief on.

Appearences(in MCF stories)

  • Mystery Case Files: The Fanfiction(debut; Episodes: The First Mystery and The Gigantic Love Case)
  • MCF: A Musical Nightmare
  • MCF: Mystery of the Voice
  • MCF and the Beanstalk(he serves as the narrator)
  • MCF: Ball of Revenge(one-line cameo)
  • MCF: A Cinderella Story


  • Othello has three voices(baritone, bass and tenor) simular to Willie the Whale from "The Whale who Wanted to Sing at the Met".
  • On occasion, he would be the girls' babysitter from time to time.
  • In "MCF and the Beanstalk", he serves as the narrator for the first time. In some MCF stories, he would tell others of the MCF adventures.