Orochimaru is a villian on the show Naruto. He is a master of any snake jitsu there is and is a former student of the village of Konohagakure and started is own village called Otogakure. He is a spirit who takes anybody and possesses them into joining him in the dark side. His first MCF story is "MCF: My Big Fat Mystery Wedding". He is voiced by Steven Jay Blum.


For more info on Orochimaru:

In his so-far only appearance, "MCF: My BIg Fat Mystery Wedding", he plays the Chrysallis role...sorta. He disguises himself as Prince Salvador and uses his snakes to suck the magic out of Salvador's bride-to-be, Esperanza. Only the MCF and Buzzy were suspicious of 'Salvador's' behavior and when 'Salvador' finds out, he locks them in the dungeon, but Orochimaru's plan was expose once the MCF, Buzzy and the REAL Salvador escape the dungeon and it leads him to reveal himself. Orochimaru turns into his White Serpant form and attacks the MCF with his snakes to lead, but Orochimaru and his snakes die when Salvador and Esperanza's love for one another forms a magic strong to kill him.

In MCF: To the Past and Back: It revels that he was brought back to life somehow and agreed to help to try to destroy the MCF girls and to change the past so he can get Sasuke to join his side, similar to the Naruto series. More information will be reveled once the story is written.


  • Orochimaru happens to know Jessy and Daisy for some reason.
  • The way Orochimaru fights off the MCF is simular to the Naruto episode where he transforms into the White Serpent and the battle from Aladdin.
  • Orochimaru is a hyna member, but he prefers to stay in the Hyna dimension doing his own experimentations or helping Bella with one of her 'projects'
  • How he is brought back to life will be explained in MCF: To the Past and Back, possible when he and Wing fight each other. Angelthewingedcat admits that he may end up dying again in the story but isn't completely sure yet.


  • MCF: My Big Fat Mystery Wedding(debut)
  • MCF: To the Past and Back(return)

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