Oogie Boogie


Oogie Boogie is the main antagonist of "The Nightmare Before Christmas" and an antagonist of the Mystery Case Files stories. He is one of Jessy's suitors because he keeps pursuing her much to her chargin and because he has a massive crush on Jessy. Not only is he an enemy of Jack Skellington and the MCF, he's also Aaron's enemy as well. He is a greenish brownish burlap sack of bugs with eyes and a mouth; he is voiced by Ken Page.


Oogie once tried to rule Halloween Town and tried to name it Bug Day, but thankfully Jack Skellington took over and called it Halloween. A gambling, lecharious sack of bugs that he is, Lock, Shock and Barrel, his henchmen were ordered by Jack to get Santa Claus to Halloweentown and NOT let Oogie know about this, but he finds out anyways. Once they do bring him to Halloweentown, the trick-or-treaters bring him to Oogie who sings his famous "Oogie Boogie Song" with his evil plans to eat Santa's life. Luckily, Sally was there to help rescue Santa, but Oogie found out and captured her too. Jack, who had survived his Christmas fall went into Oogie's lair right before Sally and Santa are doomed. Jack found a string coming from Oogie and puleld it, revealing Oogie's insideas and Oogie was gone for good...however, Lock, Shock and Barrel had resurrected him.


  • Oogie is part of the Vore Gang, which is led by his enemy/crush, Jessy and his allies Twoey and Shukaku.
  • Oogie is one of the most voracious monsters in stories.
  • Oogie has a rival/friendship with Audrey II, constantly fighting with him, but still hangs out once in a while. Shukaku is neutral.
  • He doesn't like competition when it comes to love, so he hates Mafiafas as well as other people.
  • For some strange reason, the Oogie/Jessy couple has been a bit popular and had recieved one of the top votes in polls.
    • Ironically, this is part of the reason why the writer created OogieJess (which is also the couple name for Oogie and Jessy).
  • When Jessy is in her hyperstate or in the Vore Gang, Oogie is associated with Earth Style techniques and Jessy is at her most powerful when she's near Oogie.
  • Although he is mostly the antagonist for the Mystery Case Files, he can be shown to help the Mystery Case Files when there is something that threatens him.
    • An example of this is in "Musical Nightmare" when Oogie is technically working with the MCF to stop Mafiafas and his crew.


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