Olive Oyl is a character and the on-off, mostly on love interest of Popeye the Sailor. She is flirtatious as she is always seduced by Bluto, Popeye's rival, but neverthewise very loyal to Popeye as she calls for his help when she's in trouble. She has black hair in a low bun,and usually would a red shirt, black shoes and a black skirt; she was voiced by Mae Quetsal.


Olive Oyl is the particular damsel in distress of the cartoons. Every cartoon would have her and Popeye on a date, but she is seduced and flirted by Bluto, Popeye's rival who also is attracted to her(sometimes he'd be Popeye's frenemy depending on the cartoon or as an occupant from somewhere else or as another person). Everytime Bluto tries to get in on her, she realize her mistake and call on Popeye to rescue her from Bluto's clutches. In Hillbillying and Cooing, she gets a rival named Possom Pearl, who was equivelant to Bluto in the case of wanting Popeye to be her man as Bluto wanting Olive. She then saves Popeye by eating the spinache and sending Pearl to the moon.

In the Mystery Case Files series, she is the mayor of Cartoon Town's secratary. So far she only appears in two stories. She appears in "MCF and the Rumor Weed" where she calls the MCF about the weed problem in Cartoon Town, then confronts Tricia about her still being evil before finding out that it was all a rumor and she and the other townspeople apologize to Tricia. She also appears, but in a minor appearence in "RMCF: The Show Must Go Wrong" where she asks the Singing Troupe to sing for the mayor's cutting ceremony.

It is unknown if she'll return.


  • Mae Quetsel, who voices Olive, also voiced Little Lulu and Little Audrey among many cartoons including the famous Betty Boop. Coincidentally, Little Audrey cameoed in "Olive Oyl for President" and Betty Boop in the first Popeye the Sailor Cartoon.


  • MCF and the Rumor Weed(Debut)
  • RMCF: The Show Must Go Wrong(minor appearence; return)

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