Little Shop of Horrors - Now (It's Just the Gas)03:40

Little Shop of Horrors - Now (It's Just the Gas)

Now (It's Just The Gas)02:24

Now (It's Just The Gas)

Now(It's Just the Gas) is a song from Little Shop of Horrors. It was cut from the movie, but in the song, Seymour is conflicted with shooting Orin, Audrey's abusive soon-to-be-ex-boyfriend, but he doesn't want to. However, Orin goes to get high on nitrous oxide, but the mask get stuck and he asphixiates to death.

Lyrics Edit

Orin: Oh. The things we're gonna do to your mouth.  This is gonna be a pleasure. I'm gonna want some nitrous oxide for this one. In fact, I'm gonna use my special gas mask. Hold on. I'll be with you in a moment.

Seymour: Now, do it now  While he's gassing himself to a palpable stupor  The timing's ideal and the moment is super  To ready and fire and blow the sick bastard away 

Orin: Giggling


Now, do it now  Just a flicker of pressure, right here on the trigger  And Audrey won't have to put up with that pig for another day 

Orin: Giggling

Now-for the girl, now-for the plant  Now-yes I will. . .but I can't 


Yesiree Bob. I'm really flying. I'll just take this mask off. Knock knock. Hey. It's stuck! The mask, it's stuck. Help me get it off, will ya?

Don't be fooled if I should giggle  Like a sappy, happy dope  It's just the gas, 

Orin: Giggling

it's got me high  But don't let that fact deceive you  Any moment I could die  Though I giggle and I chortle,  Bear in mind I'm not immortal  Why this whole thing strikes me funny 

Orin: Giggling

I don't know-cause it really is a rotten way to go 

Seymour: What we have here is an ethical dilemma  'Less I help him get the mask removed,  He doesn't have a prayer  True the gun was never fired,  But the way events transpired,  I can finish him with simple laissez faire

Orin: Don't be fooled if I should chuckle  Like hyenas in a zoo  It's just the gas, it turns me on  But don't let my mirth deceive you  Any moment I'll be gone  All my vital signs are failing  Cause the oxide I'm inhaling  Makes it difficult as hell to catch my breath  Are you dumb or hard of hearing?  Or relieved my end is nearing?  Are you satisfied? I laughed myself to. . . 

Seymour: Death!?

Singers Edit

  • Seymour and Orin(Little Shop of Horrors(Broadway))
  • Seymour, Jessy and Orin(MCF: Little Shop of Horrors)
  • Nergal Jr and Kurt(MCF: Another Little Shop of Horrors)

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