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Notice Me, Horton03:24

Notice Me, Horton

Notice Me Horton is a song from Seussical the Musical and Seusical Jr. In the song,Horton is looking for the dust speck on the clover after Vlad Vladikoff tosses it into a pile of simular clovers. Gertrude McFuzz, Horton's neighbor and good friend has a crush on Horton and had recently gotten her large tail to impress him, but Horton doesn't notice. This song is used in the MCF story "MCF: THe Sorcerer, the WatchDog and the MCF"


It's taken all my courage to approach you Not to mention all my stamina to follow you Across the hills and deserts

But I feel as if I'm ready To confess to you the feelings That I've hidden With great diligence and labor Behind the facade Of your odd little next-door neighbor

My eyes are too small I have very large feet And I'm not very proud Of my pitiful tweet But I've now got a tail That is something to see

One hundred and two One hundred and three

Oh, notice me, Horton, feather by feather This is your next-door neighbor calling Notice me, Horton, Horton, together We could be great

Oh, notice me, Horton, put down the clover This is your next door neighbor calling There's a new leaf, your neighbor's turned over Over and over, clover by clover

I was just a no one only yesterday You showed up and showed me something MORE Now I've become a someone Who has someone to believe in And to be there for

I will not give up hope I was hooked from the start When I noticed your kind And your powerful heart

So notice me, Horton Oh, the world would be something new Notice me, Horton If they noticed a thing or two

Notice me, Horton The way I notice you


  • Horton and Gertrude(Seussical/Seussical Jr)
  • Emmy and Westley(MCF: THe Sorcerer, the WatchDog and the MCF)

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