Nortary Hardenbrook

Notary Hardenbrooke is a character in "Sleepy Hollow." He is a notary and he is one of the people associated with the Van Garretts before they were murdered. He has greying hair and beard, a grey coat and fancy suit; he is portrayed by the late Michael Gough. 


Notary hardenbrooke first appears with Magistrate Phillipse, Dr. Lancaster, Reverend Steenwick and Baltus Van Tassell at the Van Tassell party where he listens in to the story of the Headless Horseman. He is among the people during Ichabod's investigation. However, once he figures out he was associated with teh Van Garretts, Notary Hardenbrooke didn't want to tell, but he had to confess. Fearing the Horseman was going to kill him, he commits suicide.

In "MCF: The Sleepy Hollow Case", his role is the same, however, he at first is scared by the fact that Raina, Jessy, Tracy, Tricia, Sylvia, Wander, Mordecai, Rigby and Bartok are from the future. 


  • MCF: The Sleepy Hollow Case(Debut)

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