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Nosdive, Emmy's second boyfriend


Nosedive Flashblade is an ally who first appears in the show "The Mighty Ducks". He is the second boyfriend of EmmyDisney17 aka Emmy, but he's also Brooklyn's rival for Emmy's affections.


Nosedive is a humanoid duck with blonde hair and he wears a white jersey shirt, and gray peants and he wears a hockey uniform as well.


Nosedive, like his brother Wildwing and his friends came from a planet called Puckiward because the last of the Saurians with their leader Dragaunus came to their planet and fought. They were then devoured by the wormhole and sent to Earth where they reside now. Nosedive can be a showoff, but he's got a sweet heart.

In "Mystery Case Files: The Fanfiction", he met and developed a crush on Emmy in the case "The Gigantic Love Case." Ever since then, they started going out...though at times Brooklyn would have a turn.


  • Despite Emmy having two boyfriends, Nosedive seems to be the one that dates Emmy most of the time. And is the most popular.


  • Mystery Case Files: The Fanfiction(debut; episode: The Gigantic Love Case-beyond)
  • MCF: Mystery in the Smoke Mirror
  • MCF: Mystery of the Voice
  • MCF: A Halloween Mystery
  • MCF: The Crystal Empire
  • MCF: A Mystery Wedding
  • MCF: Return of Valdronya
  • MCF: Halloween Fright
  • MCF: A Christmas Mystery
  • MCF: A Christmas Carol
  • MCF: Child Problems

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