Nimue is EmmyDisney's OC that debuts in Detective88's MCF: Blood at the Ball. She is the typical Valley Girl Spoiled brat who is rude to anyone. She is later revealed to be Mrs. Lovett's daughter and part of the scheme to kill Cara just like they did to Cara's twin sister Samantha and her aunt Josephine. She is voiced by Grey Delisle.


Nimue was one of the three suspects Tracy, Raina and Jessy investigate on the murderer of Princess Cara's aunt Queen Josephine. She rudely commented that the girls bumped into her before they interviewed her.Nimue was then revealed not to have a mark on her like her last two suspects, but she did call her mother and almost slip that her mother owns a pie shop. It is revealed taht she along with her mother killed Samantha years ago when Nimue cut the rope. Nimue was about to kill Cara the same way, but Raina and her stopped her. She was devestated when her mother was killed by the Man in the Iron Mask, revealed to Prince Zuko, Jessy and Tracy. She swore vengeance before she fell. She held onto a branch, but it breaks, sending her to her demise.


  • Nimue is the first villain who is a teenager to be killed.
  • Nimue's demise is simular to Zira's from "The Lion King II: Simba's Pride."
  • Like a typical Valley Girl, she talks in a Valley Girl accent and goes shopping. Despite her being rich looking, she and her mother are poor.
  • It is unknown how Nimue became Mrs. Lovett's daughter. It is possible that once she resurrected, she adopted her.


  • MCF: Blood at the Ball(debut/only appearence)

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