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Nigel is the main antagonist of Rio. He is a white cockatoo with yellow feathers resembling blown back hair and black feet and beak. He was once the famous TV star until a parakeet took his plac which resulted in him being evil. He is voiced by Jermaine Clement.


Nigel first appears in the movie pretending to be sick for Tulio Montegerio. He reveals himself as a smuggler's pet after he chloroforms Sylvio the Security Guard. His master Marcel dotes him like an actual pet bird. Nigel alerts Armando and Tipa, the two idiot sidekicks of Marcel taht Blu and Jewel have escape and chase after them. Nigel chases the two cerulian birds further, but luckily they escape and Nigel crashes into a electric wire, electrocuting him briefly. He is later tasked by Marcel to bring the birds back. He appoints a monkey named Mauro and his minons to help him, but after witnessing the monkeys' defeat by the birds, Nigel finds them himself. Nigel attacks and captures Jewel as soon as her and Blu's chain was free by Rafael's dog friend Luiz. Just as Blu could rescue Jewel, Nigel captures him, Pedro, Rafael and Nico. Blu and the birds escape, but Nigel corners them just as a cage injures Jewel. Blu uses a hook to grasp it around Nigel's foot and sends him outside where he is supposed to meet his death with the plane propellers. Instead, it tears off most of his feathers. Nigel after being defeated, is being humiliated by Mauro who is taking pictures of his naked self.

He is set to return in "Rio 2" with revenge on his mind for Blu, Jewel, their friends and kids.

In "MCF and the Caballero Mystery", he gets his feathers back and after hearing bout the Three Caballeros' concert the day the girls ditch school, threatens to kill them as an act of his jealousy for exotic birds and anyone who steals the spotlight.


  • Despite cockatoos eating bugs and plants, Nigel eats meat like a carnivore.
  • How Nigel gets his feathers back in "Rio 2" will be revealed as soon as the film comes out, but it'll also be revealed early in "The Caballero Mystery."


  • MCF and the Caballero Mystery(debut/upcoming)
  • MCF: Families Reunited at Last(Return; episode: Strawberry's Berry Big World)

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