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Nicole Clouseau(nee' Durante) is the adoptive mother of Raina and Garu and the wife of Inspector Jacques Clouseau. Like her husband, she first appears in "The PInk Panther(2006). She is played/voiced by Emily Mortemier.

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Nicole first appears as Clouseau's love interest and the secretary at Dreyfus's office. She helps Clouseau solve the case of the Pink Panther and along the way falls in love with him. When Clouseau and Ponton crash the party Dreyfus holds and popstar singer Xania performs at, she lies to the guards that they're Xania's backup dancers. Jacques kisses her in thanks before he solves the case. Nicole appears with Clouseau and Ponton at the hospital where Dreyfus is placed with hilarious resutl.

In the sequel, she helps Clouseau again with the case of protecting the Pink Panther and finding out about the Tornado with the help of five other detectives. She was flirted by fellow inspector Viceno Brancaleone, but she still had feelings for Clouseau. After Clouseau solved the case by finding out that Sonia(the Tornado's ex-girlfriend and a fellow detective) was the one who almost killed her and Clouseau and steal the Pink Panther, Nicole marries Clouseau and she tosses the bouquet and runs off.

In the stories, she lives in a mansion with Clouseau and has adopted Raina along with Clouseau. She and Clouseau also had adopted Garu(which will be revealed in "MCF: Thunder in the Jungle"). Like her husband, she is supportive of anything her daughter or son do.


  • It is unknown how Raina can speak Spanish and yet Clouseau and Nicole are French. It may be an unknown possibity.
  • Nicole is played/voiced by Emily Mortemier who also voices Daisy's biological mother Sophie Hatter-Jenkins from "Howl's Moving Castle."


  • Mystery Case Files: The Fanfiction(debut)
  • Journey Through the Jungle
  • A Very MCF Christmas
  • MCF: Thunder in the Jungle

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