Next Generation MCF

Susan Finnigan, Elizabeth Diggory, Miho and Jodie Uchiha, Nami Guraseru and Analise Flashblade the next generation MCF

The Next Generation MCF or just MCF is a new version of the MCF featuring their daughters according to trachie17, they were inspired by the Mane Six from Friendship is Magic and the MCF themselves.


Elizabeth Diggory-The daughter of Raina Clouseau and Cedric Diggory and the leader of the MCF her personality in some MCF MLP based stories she is a mix between Applejack and Rarity. Her boyfriend is Monty Monogram

Susan Finnigan-The daughter of Tracy Romanov and Seamus Finnigan who is the bookworm of the group. Despite Elizabeth being the leader Susan is the co-leader of the group. Before Susan met the girls her only friend was her now boyfriend Zak Saturday whom she knew since they were kids and they spent most of their lives fighting Cryptids. She along with Zak has Kur abilities that Kur long ago was supposed to be a very evil cryptid along with it's mate when both Zak and Susan were born they became Kur and his mate's reborn and since they found out they feared that they might turn evil because of their powers though despite it temporarily going away when they defeated Argost by killing themselves for two minutes they still have their powers and Susan is trying to control her powers since she has difficult using it.

Jodie and Miho Uchiha are the daughters of Daisy Jenkins Sarutobi and Sasuke Uchiha. They are much like their parents with Jodie being Fluttershy a bit and Miho being Applejack.

Nami Guraseru-is the daughter of Jessy and Aaron she has a twin brother named Haru who is like her mother in appearance, in MCF MLP based stories she takes on the role of Rainbow Dash and has some of Rainbow's personality along with her parents personalities

Analise-Analise is the daughter of Emmy and Brooklyn which she has a brother named Nano she is much like her mother in appearance as well as having some traits of her father. In MCF MLP stories she takes on Pinkie Pie's role and along with her parents personalities she appears to be like Pinkie personality wise as well.

MCF AppearancesEdit

  • MCF and the Return of Black Star (Debut)
  • MCF and the Gala
  • MCF and the Return of the MCF
  • MCF: Tricia Eclipsed
  • MCF: A Paris Wedding
  • MCF: Thorn's Revenge
  • MCF: A Magical Mystery
  • MCF and the Search of the Magic Crown
  • MCF: Susan's Princess Adventure
  • MCF: How Monty Met Lizzy


  • Currently of the next generation MCF Elizabeth, Susan, Miho and Jodie are the only ones that have boyfriends it is unknown if Nami and Analise will have boyfriends.
  • Starz is the only one of the original MCF who does not have a child, Tracy, Tricia, Emmy, Raina, Jessy, Daisy and Skyla are the only ones that do.

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