Newton Crosby

Newton Crosby is the triagonist of Short Circut and the love interest of Stephanie. He is an programer of Nova and the inventor of Number 5 and the other robots. After Number 5 becomes alive, he goes to find him only to fall in love with Stephanie and go against his own company in order to protect Number 5. He has curly brown hair, a plaid shirt, blue pants and shoes; he is 'portrayed' by Steve Guttenberg.


In the movie, Crosby is a programmer at Nova Robotics and the main designer of Johnny 5 and the other robots in the SAINT prototype series, alongside his friend and co-worker Ben Jahrvi. He is a somewhat naive scientist who is very vocal in his disgust over the use of his projects for violent military use, and is a constant foil to the movie's antagonists, Dr. Howard Marner and Captain Skroeder. Like them, however, he at first does not believe eventual love interest Stephanie Speck's claim that Johnny Five is sentient, instead believing the wayward robot to be malfunctioning. It is only until he is 'kidnapped' by Johnny and places the robot through a series of rigorous technical and emotionally based tests that he is convinced. He is, sadly, unable to convince the paranoid and hell-bent Nova of this fact, and is forced to watch them destroy Johnny, he later (after he was fired) learns to his relief the robot was just a copy.

As of Short Circuit 2, he has given up trying to get his old job from Nova and is living with Stephanie in a family ranch in Montana.

MCF Stories 

In the MCF stories, it shown that he married Stephanie and they both adopted Skyla as a baby, similar to how the other MCF were. They both love their adoptive daughter very much, despite Skyla being an outcast from society until she starts to get more friends. More background is revealed during "MCF: The Mystery of Skyla."


  • MCF: The Mystery of Skyla(Debut)

Trivia Edit

  • He is the second adoptive father to come from a movie released in 1986. The other was Seymour Krelborn, Jessy's adoptive father from Little Shop of Horrors.