William and Nell Van Dort

William and Nell Van Dort are Victor's parents in Corpse Bride. William Van Dort is Victor Van Dort's father. He is a very successful owner of a fish cannery. He is married to Nell Van Dort . He is just as obsessed with getting status as she is, although his general nature is much more amiable and soft-spoken. Nell Van Dort is Victor Van Dort's mother. She is married to William Van Dort, the successful owner of a cannery. She is very conceited and craves any sort of connection to the higher orders of society.

Bio Edit

Nell and William first appear as they go to the coach in the musical number "According to plan" as they got rich. Not much is know about her past only that her family is "new money" compared to the seemingly wealthy Everglots. To gain more of a step in high society, they organize an arranged marriage along with the Everglots. They however, get mad at Victor for messing up his reherasal, however, get concerned and look for him when he goes missing. Soon, their coachman Mayhew dies leaving their fate unknown.

MCF Stories Edit

In 'MCF: The Return of the Corpse Brides" shows that they just found a way out of the way while at the same time Victor and Victoria married and are also suspicious of magi after hearing about the events that happened while they were gone.

Appearences Edit

  • MCF: The Return of the Corpse Bride(Debut)

Trivia Edit

  • William shows to show more concern for Victor than Nell as he asks, "Does he just say corpse?" when he finds out about the corpse bride.

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