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Naruto Uzumaki

Naruto Uzumaki is the main protagonist of the show of the same name. he is wild, reckless, but brave. He has blue eyes, a blue head band with a grey mark on it, spiky blonde hair, and an orange jumpsuit with a blue marks, ankle bandages. He is voiced by Maile Flannigan.


Naruto is an orphan who, as a newborn, had the dangerous Nine-Tailed Demon Fox sealed within his body by the Fourth Hokage, the leader of Konoha's ninja force, at the cost of his own life. Because he became a Jinchuriki to the Nine Tails, Naruto suffered strong animosity from a majority of Konoha's residents during his early childhood Since then, Naruto has commonly made jokes and played pranks to attract attention.  Desiring what he lacked in early life, Naruto dreams of becoming Hokage the village leader hoping it will bring him the villagers' recognition and respect. In an attempt to become a ninja, Naruto is horrified to learn that the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox is sealed inside him, but finds acceptance from his teacher Iruka Umino, whom he views as a father. After learning the powerful move Shadow Clone Technique, which creates physical copies of the user, Naruto becomes a ninja.He joins a ninja group under the leadership of Kakashi Hatake, where Naruto gains the friends he lacked during his childhood. He forms bonds with his two teammates: Sasuke Uchiha, with whom he has a brother-like rivalry, and Sakura Haruno, on whom he has a crush

While going through an exam to increase his ninja rank, Naruto meets the legendary ninja Jiraiya and learns how to summon toads to aid him in battle and to control part of the Fox's vital energy, the chakra. He later learns the Rasengan, a sphere of chakra for offensive purposes. The exams are interrupted as a result of the invasion of Konohagakure by the criminal Orochimaru and Sunagakure. Shortly afterward, Naruto discovers the Akatsuki, a criminal organization that seeks to extract the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox from his body. Though Jiraiya drives them off during this first meeting, the Akatsuki still plan to kidnap Naruto When Sasuke leaves the village to join Orochimaru's forces, Naruto becomes part of a rescue team to retrieve him. Naruto and Sasuke ultimately have a one-on-one battle, though neither can convince himself to finish off the other.The two go their separate ways, but Naruto does not give up on Sasuke, leaving Konohagakure with Jiraiya to prepare himself for his next encounter with Sasuke and the Akatsuki.

After his two and a half years of training, Naruto returns to Konohagakure, and begins to deal more actively with the Akatsuki threat. He saves Gaara (a fellow Tailed Beast's host) from their clutches,and proves instrumental in the downfall of the Akatsuki member Kakuzu. To fight them, Naruto trains with Kakashi to infuse the Rasengan with his own wind-element chakra, resulting in the creation of a powerful technique named Wind Style: Rasen-Shuriken (風遁・螺旋手裏剣 Fūton: Rasenshuriken?), which cuts through anything that it hits.Over time, the Fox's influence over him expands to the point where he begins to lose his rationality as more chakra manifests in the form of tails Still, Naruto dedicates himself to finding and retrieving Sasuke.  After learning that Jiraiya has been killed by the Akatsuki leader, Pain, Naruto prepares for a future encounter by learning toad-style Senjutsu, a power-enhancing ability involving the gathering of natural energy. When they finally face off, Naruto defeats Pain and convinces him to quit Akatsuki.

When Naruto discovers Sasuke's past role within the Akatsuki, he decides to confront Sasuke in battle which could end in both their deaths should Naruto be unable to save him. In the meantime Naruto learns that the Fourth Hokage was his father Minato Namikaze who sealed the Fox so that Naruto could use it to defeat the Akatsuki founder Tobi who was behind the Fox's attack on Konohagakure. As a result he prepares himself for the upcoming fights by becoming a student under Killer Bee (another host of a tailed beast) to take full control of the Nine-Tails' powers. He succeeds with help from his late mother, Kushina Uzumaki, that was residing inside the seal. When Naruto learns that all his comrades are battling Tobi's army to protect him, he takes Killer Bee to join the battle,[eventually cooperating with the Nine-Tails to engage Tobi's forces. Across the battle, Naruto joins forces with the ninja army to defeat the Akatsuki leader after he absorbed the powers from all tailed beasts.

In the MCF stories, eh is a friend of the MCF, his crush on Sakura, turned into a steady relationship and he would always help the MCF whenever they need it.
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  • Naruto's friendship bond with the MCF is strong, but it could also depend on what girl is friends is each. Sasuke is dating Daisy and is a friend of the girls while Gaara is a friend of Jessy's since childhood.


  • MCF: A Musical Nightmare(debut)
  • MCF: The Dark Past of Howlsville

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