Naomi Gwyneth Kunis

Naomi Gwynneth Kunis is an OC by Detective88 for Season 6 of the MCF series. She becomes Westley's love interest when his crush on Emmy doesn't work out. She is a 21 year old actress with a secret: she has inherited all the MCF's magical powers for some odd reason. She has shoulder length brown hair with a white streak, purple glasses, orange eyes, a black shirt, a red jacket, brown pants and white shoes. She is voiced by Evan Rachel Woods.

Bio Edit

Naomi Gwynneth Kunis was a famous Hollywood actress; one of her perks of her movies was that her characters always wore gloves. Naomi was also the ex-girlfriend of Romero Von Shnitzel, the leader of the biker gang the Diablo Rojos. She dated him until she caught him cheating on her with another woman. Heartbroken, she took a long hiatus from actress. However, she meets Westley who encourages her to show herself more.

The rason she hides herself? She has all the MCF's magic powers for an odd reason.

  • Raina-her kung fu
  • Emmy-her magic
  • Jessy-her hyperstate
  • Tracy-her Omnitrix
  • Starz-Starian music
  • Daisy-her ninja powers
  • Tricia-ice powers
  • Skyla-comet powers
  • Bella-toon physics
  • Wing-the ablity to change into an animal, in her case, a tiger.

Appearences Edit

  • MCF: The Trouble with Naomi(Debut)

Trivia Edit

  • Her name is derived by Naomi Watts, Gwynneth Palthrow and Mila Kunis, three famous Hollywood actresses
    • Ironically, all three actresses have voiced in adult sitcoms.
  • She is the second girl Westley has a crush on in the MCF series; the first being Emmy.
  • She is the second actress the MCF help/meet; the first is Ann Darrow in Season 2's MCF Goes to Hollywood.
  • She is similar to Belle from Beauty and the Beast and Madeline from "The Hunchback of Notre Dame II" since she falls for Westley, despite his appearence, but for his cute and kind personality.
  • Her having the MCF's powers willl be explained.

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