Mystery Diva Club.

This group was created by Dragonprince18 for the Mystery Diva Club series. The Group was consisted of Camille Blood, Iceika, Gabrielle, Kaitlin, Jina and Terena.


Camille Blood- Camille is a Dhampir who could walk in the daylight unlike most vampires. She's been alone with her adopted mother and her daughter, which she doesn't like them. She's the leader of the MDC. voice actress: Kirsten Steward

Iceika- Iceika was born with Ice powers and had blue skin which everyone thought her to be a strange girl. She eventually left her home to find her place in the world and made friends with Camille Blood and Gabrielle and joins with them on their adventures around the world. she was raised by two elderly couple who wished to have a child of their own and didn't care about her appearance or her powers. Iceika loves her surrogate parents very much. Voice actress: Logan Browning

Gabrielle- Gabrielle is a hip-hop witch with attitude and. She's a good friend of Camille and Iceika. She has some magic spell and carries a broom with her. voice  actress: Kittie

Kaitlin- Kaitlin was a very intelligent girl who was inspired with the Mystery Case File.since she's love to solve problem and history in each case. She also a good friend of Daisy, Tracy and Raina. voice actress: Tabitha St. Germain

Terena- Terena is a female clone of a dragon halfa Terrence created by a scientist. She has dragon powers to help the group. voice actress: Hayden Panettiere

Jina- Jina was a special girl who has some ability to speak with animals, very skilled in sports and martial art. She's also very good friend of the five. voice actor: Lisa Ortiz.


  • This is the third mystery group, the first mystery group was the Rookie Mystery File Case.


  • Myster Diva Club

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