Mrs. Squibbles
Mrs. Sherry Squibbles is Scott "Squishy" Squibbles' mom in the movie "Monsters University" and the owner of the fraternity house of Oozma Kappa they are in aka her home. She is kind doting parent that any person could want, though at times she can embarress Squishy from time to time. She is a pink monster with five eyes, blonde hair with curles in them, and a blue dress with flowers on them She is voiced by Julia Sweeney


Sherry first appears doing laundry during the initiation for Oozma Kappa much to Squishy's embarressment that he rushes the initiation. She however, roots for the team during the Scare Games and even takes them to Monsters Inc for inspiration for them to continue on with the games. She then cheers everyone at the finale before Don reveals to Mike and Sulley that he and Sherry are engaged, much to Squishy's annoyance.


  • She listens to rock metal tunes in her car.


  • MCF: Monsters in College

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