Mrs Potts

Mrs. Potts is one of the triagonists of Beauty and the Beast. She is the motherly head of the kitchen and Chip's mother. She is also one who tries to help the Beast fall in love with Belle so the curse could be broken. Sh ewas turned into a white teapot with a purple top and a gold handle, but in her human form she is a slight obese woman with white hair, a pink dress with a white apron and cap; she's voiced by Angela Lansbury.


In "Beauty and the Beast", Mrs. Potts first appears after the curse has been put upon her and the castle servants. Mrs. Potts first appears on her tea wagon with Chip to serve tea to the sick and weak Maurice who was stranded in the woods. While she and the other Objects are comforting Maurice over Cogsworth's objections, the master of the castle Beast viciously storms in and takes Maurice to the dungeon. Mrs. Potts is the first of the Objects to greet Belle after she takes her father's place. Mrs. Potts comforts Belle and assures her every thing will turn out fine. Mrs. Potts is the first to be bold against the Beast and with Lumiere tries to help him look like a gentlemen which proves to be difficult.

Eventually Belle easies up to Beast and the grow a strong friendship. This friendship leads to love but is interrupted when Belle finds that her father is lost in the woods trying to return to the castle alone to rescue Belle. The Beast astonishes Belle by releasing her from their bargain and she hurries to her father. Although Mrs. Potts realizes that the Beast has proven he has learned to love (thus fulfilling his part of the requirement needed to break the spell, she fears that unless Belle can show she loves him in return, it will never be broken. When an angry mob attacks the castle, the Enchanted Objects come to the defence with Mrs. Potts and her children pouring hot tea on one of the villagers. Mrs. Potts witnesses the Beast's death after he was fatally stabbed by Belle's enemy Gaston. Mrs. Potts sheds tears as the spell seems to be permanent until the Beast miraculously revives as a human and Mrs. Potts regains her true form along with the other servants. Afterwards, as she and Chip watch Belle and the Prince dance, she assures her son that the couple will live happily ever after, and laughs with Maurice when Chip asks if he still has to sleep in the cupboard.
Mrs Potts Human with CHip and Maurice

Mrs Potts and Chip(as a human) with Maurice at the end

In Beauty and the Beast the Enchanted Christmas, Mrs. Potts narrates the story of the time when Belle finally broke the Beast's anti Christmas attitude. During Belle's captivity in the castle, she spent the holiday season getting Beast in a good mood. Mrs. Potts fears Belle will eventually mention Christmas which is the Beast's most hated day as it marks the anniversary of the day the curse was put upon him and the castle inhabitants. Soon enough both Mrs. Potts and Lumière decide to rebel against the Beast and celebrate Christmas anyway. Soon enough Beast becomes joyful with Christmas and peace to the holiday is restored.

In the short "Mrs. Potts' Party" of "Mrs. Potts' Party," Mrs. Potts is feeling depressed, and Belle, who has come to look at Mrs. Potts as a mother figure, decides to cheer her up by throwing a surprise party for her, all the while without waking the sleeping Beast (who spent the entire previous night fixing a leak in the roof).

However, Lumière and Cogsworth's rivalry gets in the way, in fields such as composing music, Mrs. Potts' favorite flowers (which they have to hide in the Beast's room every time Mrs. Potts sees them), and the cake's flavors. Eventually, Lumière and Cogsworth's attempts to sabotage one another's decisions comes to a point where the baking cake explodes and makes a complete mess in the kitchen. Lumière and Cogsworth, after a scolding from Belle, decide to put their rivalry behind them for good and work together to make a small surprise for Mrs. Potts. The plan goes well, and Mrs. Potts is cured of her depression.

In "MCF: THe Musical Adventure", her role is the same as in the movie, except she shares a bond with Emmy.


  • She and Chip make a cameo during "Trash the Camp" in Tarzan.
  • Angela Lansbury, who voiced her was also Mrs. Price in Bedknobs and Broomsticks as well as the original Mrs. Lovett in "Sweeney Todd" when it was on Broadway.
  • It is unknown if she'll return yet.


  • MCF: The Musical Adventure(Debut)