Timmy's Parents

Mr. and Mrs. Turner are the parents of Timmy Turner on the Fairly Oddparents. They have no first names other than them being called "Mr and Mrs Turner" and "Timmy's Mom and Dad." They are neglectful of their son and usually bring him to the terror of Vicky the Babysitter, but care for their son nevertheless, although it could be unintentional. Mrs. Turner has brown hair,a purple shirt and earings, white pants and shoes while Mr. Tuner has black hair, tie, blue jeans white shirt and black shoes; They are voiced by Susan Blakeslee and Daran Norris.

Bio Edit

They met during high school and Mrs. Turner used to date Mr. Dinkleberg until he fell for his own wife before Mr. Turner dated his future wife. Once they married, they moved to a place and Mrs. Turner was expecting a child. Although they wanted a daughter, they got a son instead, which was Timmy. As Timmy grew up, his parents started bringing Vicky to babysit them. Even though they neglect their son, it shown that they care about him.

Throught the rest of the series, it is shown they don't reallyc area bout anything else other than themselves, despite some minor things about their son.

MCF Stories Edit

Timmy's Parents first appear in KC: Family Appreciation Day where Timmy's Dad comes to speak to the class, but Timmy doesn't want him to. Turns out, he impresses the class by saying that his ancestors were among the few people to arrive when Cartoon Town is formed.

He has a minor role in "RMCF: The Problem with Tootie."

Appearences Edit

  • KC: Family Appreciation Day(Debut)
  • RMCF: The Problem with Tootie(Return)

Trivia Edit

Mr Turner Edit

  • Mr. Turner is notable for having the first lines ever in the series, ("Thanks for babysitting, Vicky. Timmy just loves making new friends, don't you Timmy?", in The Fairly OddParents!). At this point in the series, Dad has a lower, more mature voice which Cosmo also has in the episode.
  • Despite appearing physically weak and having a pot belly, he is actually quite an athletic and strong man.
  • In both Christmas Specials, Mr. Turner is shown to have an addiction to egg nog, so much so that for Christmas when he got an expensive car, the Hope Diamond and a talking horse he was still angry that he didn't get what he really wanted, which was 20,000 gallons of egg nog.
  • Along with Mom, his real first name has never been revealed. Whenever their names are revealed, the show has it inaudible by either a truck passing by or just silenced. Though due to evidence, it is possible that Dad's name is Timmy, Sr, due to his son Timmy inexplicably having a "II" suffix. Also Mr. Turner was always named "Timmy's Dad" by everyone except Vicky who called him by "Mr. Turner". However, if you listen closely during the episode Father Time! his name is revealed to be Todd.
  • His hate for the neighbor Sheldon Dinkleberg is modeled after Homer Simpson's hate for Ned Flanders in the show The Simpsons, which Butch Hartman himself is a fan of that show.
  • Mr. Turner is similar to Randy Marsh (Stan Marsh's father) from the adult comedy cartoon, South Park.
  • In "Hairicane", it's shown that he can fly a helicopter.
  • A running gag is that every time Wanda or someone else states Cosmo's stupidity, he enters the scene.
  • He, Cosmo and Mr. Crocker wear the same type of shirt and Tie, except their pants are different. Mr. Turner wears Jeans, Mr. Cocker wears navy blue pants that match his shoes as well, and Cosmo wears regular back pants which also matches his shoes.

Mrs. Turner Edit

  • Despite her neglectfulness, she has shown to be nowhere near as stupid as her husband, possibly even really intelligent at times.
  • She had a problem with planting a garden in That's Life! since everything she touched died.
  • She does not know that the diamond on the ring that her husband gave her on their wedding day is actually made of cubic zirconium(Smart Attack!).
  • In Invasion of the Dads and Fairly OddPet, it is revealed that Mrs. Turner is allergic to cats.
  • Mrs. Turner was a real estate agent in earlier seasons, but since Season 6 onward she is mostly portrayed as a housewife. In "The Old Man and the C-" she made it clear she'd rather make Timmy get a job than have one herself.
  • She, along her husband both their love towards Timmy appears to change throughout the series as sinceSeason 6, they appeared to love Timmy just little while in the previous seasons they were so warm towards their son.

Both Edit

  • In "KC: Family Appreciation Day", Timmy's Dad believes his ancestors came to Cartoon Town long ago.