Mr. Rzykruski, the teacher at New Holland Middle School then Cartoon Town High School


Mr. Rzykruski is Victor Frankenstein's European accented Science Teacher. He was the one who inspired Victor to revive Sparky. Unfortunately, he gets fired because of an accident one of the students had because of a project. He is voiced by Martin Laundau.


Mr. Rzkurski starts at the school as a new science teacher. He was Victor's inspiration for bringing back Sparky. Unfortunately, his student Bob gets an accident because of an experiment. He makes a speech saying that he's only trying to "get into the(kids) brains and crack their heads open", but it resulted in him getting fired. He tells Victor that science isn't from the head, it's from the heart and that he should always be careful. He wasn't seen again at the end of the film.

In "MCF: That's A-Morte", he is the reason why Raina and the girls went to Italy. During a storm earlier, he crashed his car and he has to buy a new one. He does and he excuses Raina from her science teacher so she and her friends can pick it up for him. He didn't know that the girls had cost a whole month's adventure in Italy until they explained it when they get home. Luckily, while the girls were gone, his new car was beamed home. He gives Raina an A+ for her effort and bravery.


  • He seems to know of the girls' adventures which occur throughout the town.


  • MCF: That's A Morte(debut)

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