Mr. Litwak

Mr. Litwak is the owner of Litwak's Arcade in "Wreck-it-Ralph." He is a kind owner who allows kids to have fun on the videogames they play, but he is a neutral when it comes to the videogame characters. It appears Mr. Litwak's store applies in Cartoon Town too as he also owns his store in teh MCF series. He has a mustache, a white shirt with a black tie and a blue apron; he's voiced by Ed O'Neil


Mr. Litwak is the owner of Litwak's Arcade, where the film takes place. He doesn't know about anything that goes on in Game Central Station; however, Mr. Litwak is indirectly both a foe and friend to the video game characters. Because Mr. Litwak depends on a customer base for his livelihood, he must keep gamers, such as Moppet Girl, satisfied. Should customers complain of glitches and the games cannot be repaired, Mr. Litwak withdraws it from his selection, leaving those game characters "unplugged," their version of homeless and unemployed. The same goes for games which have not generated a high level of customer support. The flip side is that should a game be both functional and popular, it stays at Litwak's Arcade, and thus the game characters are assured of being "plugged." Mr. Litwak is shown to be a "realist" element to the film; a man in the real world trying to own and operate his business.

Role in the filmEdit

In the film, he Is the friendly owner and operator of Litwak's Arcade. When one of his customers tells him that Fix-It Felix, Jr. is busted, due to Ralph's quest for a medal, he takes a closer look at the console screen and noticed all the Nicelanders in a panic, before refunding the girl's money. The girl starts to worry and asks him what will happen to the game. He tells her that someone will have to take a look at the game tomorrow, but if it isn't fixed, the game will be unplugged and soon places an "out of order" sign on the machine.

The next day, when he finds out that the game's working correctly, he's quite pleased as it means he won't have to unplug it.

In Felix's story of Turbo and King Candy's story of the fate of Sugar Rush, players (two boys and Moppet girl, respectively) call Mr. Litwak, who places "out of order" signs to the games gone wrong (RoadBlasters and Sugar Rush, respectively).

MCF Series AppearencesEdit

In the MCF series, he has another version of his store in Cartoon Town as an arcade store and an arcade center at the mall. He only appears so far as a cameo in "MCF: Families Reunited at Last episode "A Digital Adventure" where he explains that the MCF videogame that the girls waited months for kids to play. When he sees the kids playing again, he is content.


  • He is seen throughout the film dressed like a football referee. This is also the work uniform of game technicians at the franchise Dave & Buster's, who check to see that arcade cabinets are fully functional, as well as replenish games that dispense prize tickets when the supply is exhausted.
  • His appearance and dress also seems to be a reference to Walter Day, the founder of Twin Galaxies, an organization that records world record high scores on arcade games.
  • Mr. Litwak's first name was originally going to be "Larry."
  • Mr. Litwak is the only named human in the film.
  • It is unknown if he will return in a future MCF story.


  • MCF: Families Reunited at Last(Debut; episode "A Digital Adventure")

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