Mr Blik

Mr. Blik (or simply known as Blik) is the self-appointed leader of the group who's loud, bossy, and brash. It's told that a black cat means bad luck, and this is true for Mr. Blik, who gets himself into getting major trouble and is prone to near-death injuries. Mr. Blik has yellow eyes and is proud of his newly inherited riches and spends his money on anything and everything that spells respect and power. Mr. Blik is the oldest and always insults his two younger brothers. Mr. Blik's catchphrase is "Yeah!" He is voiced by Wayne Knight

Bio Edit

Blik is the oldest out of the three which is probably why he bosses Gordon and Waffle around. Though spoiled and selfish of his money because of the inheritance, he shown to have deep concern for his brothers in certain episodes such as

MCF Series Edit

Blik appears often in the MCF series. One of his appearences is "MCF: Attack of the Vampires" where he is one of the victims of the Deadly Blood Eaters, a group of vampires led by Lucy Westenra. He briefly becomes a Deadly Blood Eater like the other victims, but is turned back to normal.

He then appears in "MCF and the Magic Lamp as one of the "Iagos" of the story the Ghost Writer puts them in.

Appearences Edit

  • MCF: Attack of the Vampires
  • MCF and the Magic Lamp

Trivia Edit

  • He may or may not have a crush on a cat named Katilda. Ironically, he temporarily had a crush on Gordon's crush girl Human Kimberly in the episode "Love Cats', but it died down by the later episodes.
  • He acts the most human out of the cats since he can use the remote, and call someone on the phone.
  • Mr. Blik, just like Waffle, doesn't have any resemblance to their mother.
  • He owns a doll named Commodore Nugget.
  • He and his brothers appear various times in the MCF series, but very rarely as shown.