Mr. Bill Anderson or Riley's Father is a business man and the father of Riley Anderson in Inside Out. He is a caring and loving father who does everything in his power to keep track of everything in his new job, but also help his daughter get used to the fact they had moved. He is also an entrepreneur at a business called Brang. He has brown hair, brown eyes, a brown mustache with growing beard, wears a white shirt, a black tie. He is 'voiced' by Kyle McLaughlin.

Bio Edit

In the movie, he is first seen at Riley(and Joy and Sadness's) birth as he says that Riley is a little bundle of joy. As the years past, he and his wife have a good time with their daughter and have a happy life in Minnesota. Him getting a new job is what kick starts the plot to the movie, which causes the family to move to San Francisco. The problems among the move are the investor, the moving van not coming til certain days, etc. However, he and Mrs. Anderson ask Riley to be happy about the move, which she stepfordly agrees. On Riley's first day of school in San Fransisco, he says goodbye to Riley before she leaves, but at dinner, due to work, wasn't paying attention to his wife's clear throat(in his head, his emotions were watching hockey) when she notices Riley's behavior(caused when Joy and Sadness are sucked out of Headquarters). When she signals him, he asks Riley how was school(which annoyed Riley's mom's emotions since she just asked Riley that). Riley(thanks to Anger being in charge) answers "School was great, alright?" in a annoyed tone which gets both parents confused, but Mr. Anderson gets angry with Riley for her attitude(which was caused because Joy and Sadness, Riley's emotions were sent out of Headquarters and Fear, Disgust and Anger took over their job til they get back) which resulted in a heated arguement between father and daughter. His emotions treat this as if were a military attack and put down "the Foot" which is basically, Mr. Anderson grounding Riley by sending her to her room for Riley's moody behavior which consists of a combination of anger and disgust. He later comes up to check on Riley and tries to talk to her as well as cheering her up, but Riley doesn't want to leaving Mr. Anderson to leave the room(thus causing one of her personality islands to fall). When Riley runs away, he only says goodbye to her before realizing Riley is not at school. After Sadness and Joy return to Headquarters and Sadness makes Riley realize running away is not a good idea, Mr. and Mrs. Anderson embrace Riley and she confesses that she misses Minnesota as she cries it out. Mr and Mrs Anderson then comfort her and tell her they miss Minnesota too. The end shows them adapting to San Francisco.

MCF Stories Edit

Mr. Anderson is very supportive of his daughter no matter what. He and his wife were mentioned twice in "MCF: Meet the New Girl" which is the story where RIley moves to Cartoon Town, and "MCF: Another Little Shop of Horrors" where Riley talks to the others and when Daisy asks Riley on why she didn't tell her parents, Riley mentioned that Kurt would get mad.

He and Mrs. Anderson make their MCF appearance debut in "MCF: One Night with the Monster" where they're going out and they leave OogieJess/Jessy in charge of Riley.

In "MCF: The New Life and Times of Riley Anderson", it is revealed the reason they moved to Cartoon Town was that in Sanf Francisco he got terminated from his job and they have to move again. Hedwig gives the Andersons a letter saying

They appear in "RMCF and the Ice Princess" when Riley is dropped off home by Tricia and Elsa and they explain to them how Riley got her ice powers. Over the course of weeks, they try to keep Riley in control so her newfound ice powers won't happen. They later witness Riley unleash the snow saving Cartoon Town from eternal winter and their daughter becoming a Rookie student.

They then appear when Riley's having problems at home which leads her to run away with Nergal Junior and they come to the MCF and the other groups to find the two. During this time, they haven't met Junior or his family at this point in time, but heard a lot about him.

Appearences  Edit

  • MCF: One Night with the Monster(Debut)
  • MCF: The New Life and Times of Riley Anderson(Return)
  • RMCF and the Ice Princess
  • MCF: The Runaways

Trivia Edit

  • We don't know of his job in the movie at this point in time, but in the MCF series, he is an office worker at one of Cartoon Town's white collar jobs.

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