Mowgli is the main protagonist of "The Jungle Book" He is a 10, then 13 year old boy with tan skin, black hair and wears an orange loincloth. He is a boy who was raised by wolves in the jungle since he was a baby. He was voiced by Bruce Reitherman in the first movie, then Haley Joel Osmont in the second movie.


Mowgli was first seen as a baby in "The Jungle Book" in a basket. Bagheera, the panther found him and decided to give him to Rama and his family of wolves. 10 years gone by and Mowgli enjoys life in the jungle until the day he has to go to the Man Village, courtesy of Bagheera because Shere Khan, the tiger has sworn to kill Mowgli because he fears Mowgli would grow up to be a hunter. Mowgli and Bagheera go up a tree to sleep, but Kaa the Python decides that Mowgli would make a great snack and hypnotizes him. Just before Mowgli can become snake-food, Bagheera slaps him, awakening Mowgli from his trance. Mowgli, despite this wants to stay in the jungle. The next morning, he befriends Junior, Colonel Hathi's son and joins the elephant parade, before he and Bagheera go off where they have an arguement resulting in Bagheera saying Mowgli's on his own. Mowgli goes to sit down and comes across Baloo the Bear and at first didn't trust him, but later becomes his best friend being taught the "Bare Necessities" of life. However, Mowgli gets captured by monkeys who take him to King Louie. King Louie explains to Mowgli that he can make him stay in the jungle as long as he can build him a fire...which Mowgli can't do because he wasn't raised by men. Mowgli escapes with Baloo and Bagheera and the next morning Baloo tells him that he has to take him to the Man Village. Feeling hurt and betrayed, Mowgli runs away, where he comes across Kaa again. After escapign Kaa, Mowgli befriends a group of vultures Dizzy, Buzzy, Ziggy and Flaps. They sing before Mowgli finally encounters Shere Khan. They fight, with the help of Baloo, but Mowgli faces off the tiger by tying a burning branch to his tail since Shere Khan fears fire. Mowgli goes to an unconcious Baloo and cries for his best friend's death, but after Bagheera finishes a requiem, it turns out that Baloo was faking it the whole time. Mowgli happily joins his friends on their journey. Mowgli then goes over to see the Man Village and a pretty girl, Shanti flirts with him, luring him to the village where he stays.

In The Jungle Book 2, it takes place three years after the first one since Mowgli is living in the Man Village with his adopted brother Ranjan and his family. He misses the jungle greatly and influences the other children including Ranjan and his friend, the girl who lured him into the village Shanti to play pretend of the jungle animals and get the jungle rythm, but it gets him into trouble because he was leading them across the river. He gets grounded by his adoptive father, who worries him because he doesn't understand that the jungle is part of who he is. That night, he is visited by Baloo who takes him to the jungle to get away from the village, unware of Shere Khan returning for revenge on him and Shanti, Ranjan and the villagers going off to find him. Mowgli says that the village is full of rules and how his friends Shanti thinks the jungle is a scary place. Mowgli and Baloo hide from a suspicious Bagheera and then run to King Louie's old ruins. After Baloo jokes with the animals about Shanti and the village, Mowgli gets hurt and runs away. He meets up with Shanti and Ranjan, but Baloo shows up and scares Shanti, causing her to run. Mowgli runs and sees Shere Khan about to kill the three kids, but they along with Baloo run into a temple. Mowgli, Shanti and Baloo bang on gongs to confuse Shere Khan until Shanti is exposed. Mowgli shows up to defend his friend leading to Shere Khan chasing the two kids to a ancient idol, the idol collapses and the three fall, but Mowgli and Shanti are saved by Baloo while Shere Khan is trapped in the idol's mouth. Mowgli, Ranjan and Shanti are reunited with their families and they head back to the Man Village, but now thanks to Shere Khan not bothering them again, Mowgli, Ranjan and Shanti still get to visit the animals in the jungle every day.

MCF Stories

In "MCF: Adventures in Sophie-sitting" it reveals that he's an old friend of Raina and that he says that Sophie Bennett, the girl Raina's babysitting is cute. He helps Raina protect Sophie from Shere Khan before Sophie's captured by Cackletta.

He is set to return in "MCF: Jungle Adventure", but we don't know what his purpose is yet.


  • Mowgli is simular to Tarzan in how they're both raised by animals in the jungle.
  • Bruce Reitherman, the original voice of Mowgli was the director Wolfgang Reitherman's son. Haley Joel Osmont, his second voice actor, later went on to be Sora in Kingdom Hearts.
  • In some fanfiction, Melody from "The Little Mermaid II" has a crush on him.


  • MCF: Adventures in Sophie-Sitting(Debut)
  • MCF: Jungle Adventure(upcomign)
  • MCF: An Underwater Adventure(upcoming; small role)

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