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Moses Spirit

Moses, famous Biblical hero, and the protagonist of "The Prince of Egypt."

Moses is the protagonist of "The Prince of Egypt". He is inspired/based on the character of the same name in the Book of Exodus of the Bible.

Moses as a baby with his adoptive brother Rameses.

He Moses, before he found out was a Hebrew, started out vain and spoiled because of his pampered nature, but when he discovers himself as a Hebrew by seeing his biological brother and sister, Aaron and Miriam, he becomes kind, wise and helpful and with God's help, uses his powers to help free the Hebrew slaves and get them out of Egypt to be safe from Rameses, his former-foster Egyptian brother. He is a man with light tan skin, dark brown hair, a growing beard, a black cloak and red robe and he carries a staff, but he was in Egypt as a prince, he was wearing a black wig, a necklace around his neck, white garmends and sandals. He is voiced by Val Kimir.


Like the Book of Exodus, Moses was given up by his birth mother Yocheved as a way for him to be safe from Pharoh Seti who was killing all the Hebrew baby boys. He was put in a basket and drifted into the river where Queen Tuya and her own son Rameses find him and Tuya names him Moses. Years go by and Moses and Rameses grew up as pampered, but reckless princes of Egypt. They spend the days chariot racing, but everytime Pharoh Seti gets the news, he would scold both of them, but mostly Rameses for he will be Pharoh some day. Moses stands up for his brother, but Pharoh Seti dismisses it. Moses is then invited for a banquet by his mother and the High Priests Hotep and Huy present him a Hebrew girl named Tzipporah to be his slave. Moses is smitten and helps her escape. He watches her leave and finds a man and woman revealing themselves to be Aaron and Miriam, Moses' biological siblings. Miriam tries to convince him about his heritage, but Moses dismisses her until Miriam sings the lullaby Yocheved sang as a baby. Confused, he runs home and falls asleep, not before having a dream about all teh events that happened when he was born. Now shocked, he asks Seti about the massacure of Hebrew baby boys, but Seti says it's a sacrifice. Moses goes to the spot where Tuya found him and Tuya comforts him. Still confused, Moses looks out and sees a bunch of Hebrew slaves being pushed and overworked, making him shocked. He sees an old man being whipped by his slaveowner and not wanting hte old man to get hurt again, Moses stops the slaveowner before accidentally killing him by pushing him off the railing. Realizing what he has done, Moses runs away and denounces his adoptive title as prince in front of Rameses. He runs to the desert where he encoutners Tzipporah and her family who accept him in and he begins to embrace his true herritage and becomes a sheephearder. Tzipporah and Moses marry years later. Moses goes off to get some sheep back when he notices a burning bush. The voice of God speaks unto Moses and tells him that the Egyptians still have the slaves in peril and it's up to Moses to set them free. Moses is given a staff and God's powers before he and Tzipporah set off. he returns and sees that Rameses has become the new Pharoh. Rameses is overjoyed that Moses has returned, but Moses says that it can't change who he is now and that he must let the slaves go. He demonstrates by turning his serpent into a snake. Rameses laughs and sends Hotep and Huy to demonstrate their own power and make snakes appear out of nowhere, but God's snake eats theirs before turning it back into a scepter. Rameses explains to Moses that without the slaves, there will be no city. Moses, not wanting the people to get hurt, gives Rameses back his ring, telling him he's no longer his brother. Moses, not giving up, puts his staff in the Nile river and to Aaron, Miriam, Tzipporah, the slaves, Rameses, his son and the guards' shock, the river turns into blood. Moses wasn't through, though he wasn't happy upon doing it. He sends the next 8 plagues to Egypt before talking with Rameses again, but Rameses refuses once more. Moses and his friends do one more thing: take a lamb, smear its blood on Hebrew doors and if God sees the blood, he would passover, resulting in the Jewish holiday Passover. After the deaths of many Egyptian oldest child including Rameses' own son, Rameses gives Moses permission to go. Feeling saddened for the chaos, Tzipporah and Miriam comfort him and tells him that miracles can happen. The Hebrews head off until they reach the Red Sea. They look and see Rameses comign towards them about to kill everyone including Moses. Moses lifts arms and parts the Red Sea for teh Hebrews and himself to get across, but when teh Egyptians try to cross, the water is together again, sweeping Rameses to the rocks and drowning the guards. Moses whispers "Goodbye brother.." to him before happily reuniting himself with his wife, biological siblings and the Hebrew Slaves. He is last seen about to give out the Ten Commandments to the people who have settled into their new home.

He is set to appear in "MCF and the Prince of Egypt" an adventure which is inspired by the movie itself.


  • Val Kimir, who voices Moses, was also Batman in "Batman and Robin."
  • In the original story, Moses didn't have a brother, but he did convince Pharoh to let the Hebrews go.


  • MCF and the Prince of Egypt(Debut)

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