Mole is the sidekick of Agent Xero who first appears in the short "The Modifyers." Mole is a blue robot with buck teeth, a antennae on the top of his head, a red M on his tummy and black arms and legs.He is 'voiced' by Jeff Bennet.


In "The Modifyers", he and Xero retrieve the All-Seeing-Eye from Xero's nemisis Rat by disguise as Lacey Shadows and her lunchbox. Mole was about to send the All Seeing Eye back to the museum, but Xero's curiosity gets the best of her. As Mole explains what could go wrong, Xero puts spoiled milk down teh drain(where Rat was hiding, uknown to her) and the drain explodes from Rat plugging it when trying to dispose of it. Both Xero and her sidekick realize that the Eye has been stolen by Rat. They retrieve it back by having Xero disguising as Lacey and Mole switching places with Rat's backpack. Mole apologizes for not trusting Xero about not getting to Rat beforehand before they return the eye to the museum.


  • In "The Modifyers", we learn that he can get airsick sometimes

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