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Miss Decibel was a villain in Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time. She was one of Cyrille Le Paradox's lieutenants and was sent to Ancient Arabia. She planned on obtaining the lost masterpieces of classical musicians, such as Mozart and Beethoven.

Bio Edit

As a child, Miss Decibel had a love of performing music, though she never was very good at it. Everyone who came to one of her recitals left in disgust. After a particularly disappointing performance, the young Miss Decibel threw her trumpet up in the air in anger, which came back down and lodged in the end of her trunk. Trying to remove it, she blew, causing a hypnotic note to play. The crowd now seemed to love her music. Soon after, realizing the power of this gift, Miss Decibel turned to a life of crime, hypnotizing innocent people into committing her crimes for her. Le Paradox hired her, hoping her skills would help him with his schemes. Setting her up in Arabia, Le Paradox had Miss Decibel hypnotize three member's of Salim Al-Kupar's gang, using them to forge documents that established him as royalty in the present. She eventually began a romantic relationship with Le Paradox, though in the end he was just using the relationship as the driving force behind the forgeries, which was uncovered as soon as Le Paradox had Salim's cane. Le Paradox left Miss Decibel in Arabia, and after this turn of events, Miss Decibel was brought back to the present and incarcerated. The trumpet was removed, and she began a music class in the prison, much to the dismay of the inmates, as her skills had not improved over the years. With good behavior, Miss Decibel may be eligible for early parole.

MCF Stories Edit

She first appeared in the MCF: Families Reunited at Last in Season 3's arc where Starz finds her mother called "Switched Minds." She was accidentally switched minds with Keisha and does her crimes while in her body. Soon, she gets her old body back thanks to the MCF, but accidentally getting a star tattoo along with her fellow villains. Her main antagonist appearence was in the episode "The Musical Mystery" where she creates a hypnotic tune which hypnotizes the Ever After High students except for Raven and Maddie. Her plan was foiled and she steals the Ever After High books which is also part of the arc. She then appears in "The Search for Starz" where she becomes a slave to Lord Isreal along with her villianous comrades. After Isreal is defeated, the villains are turned back to normal and jailed for their crimes.

Appearences Edit

  • MCF: Families Reunited at Last(debut; episode: Switched Minds; The Starian Secret-The Musical Mystery; The Search for Starz)

Trivia Edit

  • She is voiced by Eliza Jane Schneider, who had previously provided her voice in South Park as several of the female characters from 1999-2003.
  • In real life, decibel is a unit usually used to measure how loud sounds are. This suits her as a musician.
  • Her hair color and hairstyle bears a strong resemblance to Cruella De Vil. It is also a reference to the two characters that Ms. Decibel originally was during development.
  • Early concept art shows that Ms. Decibel was originally two different characters: a male elephant who appeared to be some sort of librarian or scholar, and a high society monitor lizard. The two characters were eventually merged into Ms. Decibel during development.
  • Miss Decibel is the third villain whose name is associated with music, the first was Arpeggio and the second being Octavio.
    • Miss Decibel is also the second villain who was betrayed by the final villain, the first also being Arpeggio.
  • Curiously enough, she appears to be grey in the animated cutscenes, while in-game she is green.
    • This also occurs with Sir Galleth, who's brown and tan in the animated cutscenes but grey in-game and"Tennessee Kid" Cooper being the contrary (grey in animated cutscenes, brown in-game).
  • Miss Decibel is the only henchman of Le Paradox to not try and pursue her own agenda. All of the other bosses, including Penelope, had put their own goals ahead of Le Paradox's in some form.
    • Though she did have hopes to acquire lost musical masterpieces by musicians like Mozart and Beethoven. This is, of course, something she chose to put on the back burner in favor of remaining loyal to Le Paradox's cause.
  • Miss Decibel appears to be a homage to several villains from the original trilogy: Mz. Ruby, the Contessa, Arpeggio, and Octavio. Like Mz. Ruby, her battle strategy involves heading from one platform to another after a barrage of musical attacks and both have a form of "Ms." in their names. Like the Contessa, Miss Decibel is an expert hypnotist. Like Arpeggio, both were betrayed by the game's true villain and final boss. And like Octavio, both have names having to do with music and both were once musical performers, Octavio being a former opera singer and Miss Decibel being a former classical musician, albeit a very bad one.
  • If you search Arabia carefully as Sly, you can find a tunnel that leads to a room with Miss Decibel sleeping behind a screen. She appears here, even after completing Arabia, when she is presumably thrown in prison.
  • She is allergic to camel hair, emitting enormous sneezes that turn her in the opposite direction.

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