Ms. Birdwell full body shot

Ms. Birdwell is the love interest and former camping rival of Kronk, in Disney's 2005 film Kronk's New Groove, sequel to the 2000 film The Emperor's New Groove. She is what you may think as a strict camp leader, but she's actually a kind woman who cares about her campers no matter what pressure she puts onto them. She falls for Kronk because of their similarities. She is a slende woman with fair skin, a round head, big dark eyes, a wide mouth, black hair tied in a bun and she wears a tan troop dress, orange neckerchief around her neck, orange belt, tan hat with an orange brim, and she has big feet in sandals. She is voiced by Tracey Ullman.

Bio Edit

Birdwell is first seen in Kronk's flashback of Camp Chippamunka. Unlike Kronk, she is shown to be more into the competition than letting her "Chippers" have fun. After getting into a squabble with Kronk when they first meet, she gradually comes to adore him and falls in love with him. They eventually spark a romance together and make raisin bread for their Chippers. However, when Tipo, one of Kronk's Chipmunks, pulls a prank to win the camp tournament and is caught by Birdwell, Kronk protects the boy at the cost of alienating his love. Back to the present, Tipo feels guilty and runs off to find Birdwell. In the end, Kronk sees Birdwell again and finally wins her love, and she eventually marries him.

MCF Stories Edit

She doesn't appear in the MCF stories until Season 5's MCF: The Time Bomb Again" where she and the others witness the race back in Cartoon Town from their home in Peru. She knows of Kronk's fandom for the Mystery Case Files' adventures and doesn't seem to mind all that much.

She may eventually become a teacher to the Kid Crusaders, Rookie Mystery Case Files and the Junior LXMB.

Appearences Edit

  • MCF: The Time Bomb Again(Debut)

Trivia Edit

  • The scene where Kronk and Birdwell eat dinner and first kiss is a parody of a similar scene from Lady and the Tramp.

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