Mikey Recess

Mikey Blumberg is one of the main protagonist of the hit Disney Show Recess and is a member of the Recess Gang. He is a fat kid with blonde hair, a white shirt, blue pants and sneakers. He is very talented when it comes to poetry and he is also a big eater. When Mikey sings, his voice changes into the voice of Robert Goulet, showing that he has a beautiful voice. He is voiced by Jason Davis


Many think that Mikey is a bully just because of his height, but, as once described by TJ Deitweiller, "he wouldn't hurt a fly". In his birthday party, once the gang thinks he has stopped the Bonky nonsense they all see a party full of Bonky things and toys. But thanks to the gang Mikey founds out it is his mother in a Bonky costume and does eventually stop showing his love for Bonky.

Mikey does have another hidden agenda which is his voice when he is singing. He believes he cannot sing anywhere apart from the bathroom. Until Principal Prickley and Miss Finster get him a private music teacher who helps him feel confident in singing other places. She trains him for the Spring Fling, which he would succeed in and do everyone proud.

In "MCF: Families Reunited at Last" episode "Monster Mash Rescue", he is one of the kids who help the MCF, Mavis and her family to save fellow Recess Gang member Gretchen from Prince Charming(Shrek 2) who tries to use her to find the pearl.

In "RMCF: The Show Must Go Wrong", he takes the role of Big Mac and is revealed he's part of the Music Troupe along with Finn the Human, Lila Sawyer and Rookie member Trixie Tang. When he loses his voice thanks to a Penguin waddle(an event where you must caw and act like a penguin), Lilo uses the Poison Joke to sing behind Mikey and sing for him until he feels better.


  • There is a hidden agenda about Mikey, and that is his love for "Bonky the Dinosaur", Bonky is a dinosaur in ways similar to Barney the dinosaur and is loved by the Kindergarteners. In the episode Bonky Fever, it is shown that and the rest of the gang try to stop it
  • Mikey is the only member of the main six whose birthday has been celebrated in an episode, "Bonkey Fever". Gretchen mentions her birthday party in "The Girl Was Trouble", however, it was only a flashback.
  • Mikey is based on Paul Germain's friend back in elementary school.
  • According to "To Finster With Love Mikey weighs 110 pounds.
  • Mikey has had the second most episodes focused on him out of the entire cast.
  • Mikey has been in every episode of the series.
  • He has yet to return in another MCF or RMCF story.


  • MCF: Families Reunited at Last(Debut; episode Monster Mash Rescue)
  • RMCF: The Show Must Go Wrong

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