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Mike as he appears in Montster's Inc and Monster's University


Michael "Mike" Wazowski is the deroagonist of Monsters Inc and the protagonist of the short Mike's New Car and upcoming Monsters University. He is Sulley's best friend, roomate, Celia's boyfriend and the comedian(formarlly Sulley's assistant) at Monster's Inc.. He is a green round monsters, sharp teeth, arms and legs and one eye. He is voiced by Billy Crystal.


Mike first appears training Sulley for his day at work. They watch the commercial for Monster's Inc, the company they work at, despite Mike's face being blocked by the commercial. They walk to work(despite Mike's protests since he wanted to use his car) and Mike greets his girlfriend and the receptionist Celia Mae. He tells her that for her birthday, he will take her out to Harryhausen(he got the reservations with the help from Sulley). Sulley and Mike then meet up with Sulley's rival Randall Boggs and Mike then goes to the paperwork desk where he encounters Roz who is watching him for his late paperwork. Mike helps Sulley with his scaring buisness throughout the day and before he leaves for hsi date with Celia, he tells Sulley to get his paperwork for him. At Harryhausen, Celia and Mike enjoy the date until Sulley interrupts to tell Mike that as he was getting his paperwork, he saw a door that Randall has set to cheat and a little girl has snuck out. Thsi causes a havoc at the resturant and Mike and Sulley escape with teh little girl. Mike is extremely prejudice of the girl especially when she touches Little Mikey, his teddy bear. This makes the girl cry so hard that lights flicker on and off, but when Mike slipped, the girl started to laugh so hard, the power went out. Mike tries every plan to get rid of the girl, but fails. Mike thinks up a plan as Sulley grows attatched to the girl and makes her go to sleep. Mike and Sulley along with Boo(the name Sulley called the girl) sneak into the factory and Mike confronts Randall, who has noted that he was behind the thing. Randall telsl him that he has Boo's door at 12:00 noon when all the workers go to lunch. Mike leads Sulley and Boo to the door, but Sulley, not trusting Randall refuses to go in. Mike goes in and hops on her bed, but Randall boxes him and straps him to a chair as a test experiment for his latest invention: the Scream Extractor. Just before Mike's scare is extracted, Sulley and Boo rescue him. They rush to Waternoose where boo is exposed and Mike explains that it was Randall's evil idea and children aren't toxic. It turns out that Waternoose is working with Randall on the whole idea. Mike and Sulley are then pushed down the door of the Himalayas and meet the Abominable Snowman. Mike becomes very furious at Sulley for bringing the kid and not listening to hsi suggestions and refuses to follow Sulley to the village. He does appear later on to appologize and accidentally knock Randall out. Celia gets mad and demands to know what's going on. Mike confesses and Celia refuses to believe it until Boo pops up and she sees Randall on their trail. Celia helps her boyfriend and Sulley by faking a congratulations to Randall on the scare record. Mike, Sulley, Boo and Randall go onto doors and start having a wacky chase before Boo beats the snot out of Randall and they exile him to the Everglades. Mike tries to get Boo laugh once the power is out again and they just reached their door, but they are pulled back into the factory by Waternoose and the CDA. Mike distracts the CDA and later revealed that he recorded the conspiracy Mr. Waternoose has on the company on video. As teh CDA arrest Waternoose, their leader Roz allows Sulley to send Boo home before her door is shredded. Mike comments that while Boo is home, the company's out of a job. However, Sulley gets an idea: he becomes president and Mike becomes the offical comedian for Monster's Inc since he learned from their experience with Boo that laughter is 10 times more powerful than screams. One day, Mike shows Sulley Boo's door, all fixed up and tells him that it has one piece missing which Sulley has before he puts it on and he sees Boo again.

Mike's New CarEdit

In the short, Mike is now the protagonist of his own story. He has brought a new six-wheel drive car, and wants to show it to Sulley. When they both get in the car, Sulley accidentally ruins the brand-new car and injures Mike. In the end, Mike speeds off and wrecks the car completely.

Monsters UniversityEdit

Mike will appear in Monsters University, where it is revealed that he was once friends with Randall and he is the most intelligent student. When meeting Sulley, they start as rivals because they're both in scaring major, but they soon become best friends.


  • In the original production idea, Mike wasn't pitched in until sometime later.
  • Mike wears contact lenses.
  • At the end credits of Finding Nemo, Mike is seen swimming in the water.
  • One running gag is that Mike's face is always covered by the logo whenever there's a public material with him and the cast on it.
  • In an early animation test, Mike was considered to have no arms and would have picked things up with his feet.
  • As revealed in a cut-scene Mike was originally Randall's assistant.
  • Mike is renamed "Robert" (or "Bob" for short) in the French dub.
  • Mike appears in the end credits of Cars as a small car. This car version of him also appears shortly in Tokyo Mater with Sulley when Mater drives through a building.
  • He also starred in Tomorrowland's attraction, Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor, with Roz.
  • A topper of Mike can be seen in WALL•E.
  • In the original pitch of Monsters, Inc., Mike did not appear in the movie,
  • It is possible that Mike and Tracy (as TracyHyde) might form a bond with each other.


  • MCF: Monsters in College(debut/upcoming)
  • My Two Tiny Angels(episode 8: Mystery Case Files Reunion(briefly)

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