Mew, Raina's pet Pokémon.

Raina's Mew which is simply named Mew is a Pokemon. While Mews genders are estimated, Raina's mew is a girl who's not afraid to show her mistress anything. Like Mews, Mew is part of a Pokemon Species which generates into Mewtwos, but Mew is likely a baby. Sometimes she isn't seen without her friend and Raina's other pet, Charmander. Like all Mews, Mew has baby blue eyes, an appearence that's like a baby and a cat with a long tail, long legs and short arms.


Mew is first seen in "Pokemon: The First Movie" and fought Mewtwo. In the second movie, "Lucario and the Mystery of Mew" Mew takes Meowth and Ash's Pikachu  to the Tree of the Beginning.  She aws seen various times in the Anime and the special "Mewtwo Returns."

She plays a minor role in "MCF: The Crystal Empire".

She'll play a major upcoming role in "MCF: The Pets Takes it All" where she leads the MCF's other pets to rescue their owners and the RMCF from Meowrice.


  • Her owner Raina and some of the MCF members can translate her speaking.
  • Mew has a beautiful voice when she speaks without her owner around which proves to be what she needed to get King Gator not to eat her or the others.
  • Mew only speaks in her language "mew", but in MCF: The Pets Take it All, she is voiced by Mandy Moore who voices Rapunzel in Tangled.


  • MCF: The Crystal Empire(debut)
  • MCF: The Pets Takes it All(first speaking appearence; upcoming)

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