Merlock the Magician is the main antagonist of "Ducktales: Treasure of the Lost Lamp". He is a sorcerer who has got to get the lamp that Gene the Genie is in so he can use him as his slave. He also possesses an amulet that turns him into anything, but at the cost of his life. He is a grey dog with a gray beard and a blue robe with orange and purple markings and a red sash around it. He is voiced by Christopher Lloyd.


In Ducktales: Treasure of the Lost Lamp, Merlock (a portmanteau of Merlin and warlock) is obsessed with retrieving the Genie's lamp, which he apparently lost to the thief Collie Baba (a parody of Ali Baba) centuries before.

Collie Baba buried the lamp, along with a large amount of treasure, in the middle of a desert. To this end, he hired Dijon to steal the lamp. Dijon is later hired as a guide to Scrooge McDuck, who is searching for the treasure. The lamp ends up in the hands of Webby Vanderquack. When Dijon fails to steal the lamp, Merlock becomes angry and attempts to trap the group. Luckily, Scrooge and the others are able to escape.

Near the end of the film, Merlock is able to take the lamp for himself, and forces the Genie to grant his wishes. Merlock has the Genie turn Scrooge's money bin into a recreation of his old floating fortress, and later tries to have Scrooge destroyed. Scrooge is able to take Merlock with him, and engages in an aerial battle with the sorcerer. Eventually, Scrooge is able to regain the lamp and turn everything back to normal. Merlock loses his talisman during the flight, resulting in the loss of his powers. Merlock is last seen falling to his death.

In "MCF: The Princess and the Authoress", he takes the role of Captain Pete/Jafar/Preminger in a way. However his role is original and desires to marry Harmony so he can take over the kingdom by force. He along with his sidekick Dijon don't know of the switcharoo Harmony and Raina do until Dijon mentions that Harmony showed her birthmark and royal ring to the people and thus blackmails Raina to become queen or kill Mordecai and Rigby and destroy the time machine.


  • He is simular to Rasputin not only in voice actor, but in the sense that they hold a possesion which keeps them immortal. If it is broken, they would die.
  • he is also simular to Jafar because they both want the Lamp to control the genie so they can control the world.
  • In "MCF: The Princess and the Authoress", his role is a cross between Jafar and Preminger as they both desire to marry the princess by force so they can take control of the kingdom.


  • MCF: The Princess and the Authoress(debut)

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