Mendy by disneygal1234-d5sq2vp

Mendy, Daisy's rival for Sasuke

Mendy is Daisy's rival for Sasuke's affections. She is beautiful, mean, selfish, cruel, bossy witty and clever. She wears a hot pink shirt, magenta skirt and hot pink shoes and she has white skin, dark black eyes and medium length purple hair. She's voiced by America Young


Mendy is the daughter of a very successful businessman and she's very smart. Mendy is also Daisy's rival for Sasuke's attention and for being the better fighter than her and anything else Daisy does. She'll do whatever it takes to be the best girl. Mendy also has the power to transform into other people.

In the Greatest Summer Rescue Ever, she makes a deal with Dr. Facilier to make Sasuke marry her in exchange for him trying to force Raina to be his bride. Daisy stopped their plans and Mendy swears revenge.

In Twisted Love", Mendy ressurects Dr. Facilier and they send Daisy and her friends to the alternate universe. More will be posted as soon as the story's done.


  • It is unknown if Mendy will return in a MCF story after Twisted Love.
  • It appears that Mendy will appear in the Sharlene Thomas series which Sharlene dislikes her easily.


  • The Greatest Summer Rescue Ever(debut)
  • MCF: Twisted Love
  • MCF: The Race of Death(mentioned)

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