Annie 1999 - Maybe02:40

Annie 1999 - Maybe

Maybe is a song from "Annie" It is the "I want" song from Annie as she wishes to find her parents and find a home. It was first used in "MCF: The Replacements" after Lilo is discorded by Discord, but looking at the MCF with her friends, makes her see the light and restore her colors.


ANNIE] Maybe far away Or maybe real nearby He may be pouring her coffee She may be straighting his tie! Maybe in a house All hidden by a hill She's sitting playing piano, He's sitting paying a bill! 

Betcha they're young

Annie (1982) - Maybe02:12

Annie (1982) - Maybe

Betcha they're smart

Bet they collect things Like ashtrays, and art! Betcha they're good --  (Why shouldn't they be?)  Their one mistake  Was giving up me! 

So maybe now it's time, And maybe when I wake  They'll be there calling me "Baby"...  Maybe. 

Betcha he reads

Maybe (Reprise) - Annie 198200:53

Maybe (Reprise) - Annie 1982

Betcha she sews

Maybe she's made me A closet of clothes! Maybe they're strict As straight as a line...  Don't really care As long as they're mine! 

So maybe now this prayer's The last one of it's kind...  Won't you please come get your "Baby" 



ANNIE Betcha my life is gonna be swell.

Looking at them it's easy to tell. And maybe I'll forget how nice he was to me, And how I was almost his baby...

WARBUCKS It'll be fine, nothing to fear. She'll be as happy as she was here. Things have worked out much better than planned. It makes you smile to see fate take a hand. And I know I'll forget how much she meant to me And how she was almost my baby... Maybe...


  • This is one of Detective88's favorite songs from teh musical along with "It's the Hard Knock Life"
    • Ironically, both songs are the most popular.


  • Annie(Annie)
  • Lilo(MCF: The Replacements)

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