Maurice is a fictional character in "Beauty and the Beast". He is Belle's father and an inventor. He was the reason that Belle and the Beast met in the first place as he was going to the fair to show his new invention when he accidentally got lost and stumbled upon the Beast's castle, making Belle find him and offer herself as the Beast's prisoner instead. He is voiced by Rex Everhart.


Maurice appears working on his invention which explodes for some reason. He was about to give it up, but Belle encourages him, makign him continue on. He disagrees about Belle being odd and cares for his daughter's happiness no matter what it is. Maurice tests his invention again. This time it works. He sets off to show it at the fair. After a wrong turn with his horse Phillipe, he gets lost and chased by wolves until he comes upon the Beast's castle. Maurice comes in and encounters the servants Cogsworth, Lumiere, Mrs.  Potts and her son Chip, etc. However, the Beast is none-too happy about this and knew that Maurice has tresspassed the castle and locks him in the dungeon. He appears when Belle comes and trades in with Maurice heading back to the village via a carriage that goes by itself and he tells the villagers including Gaston what he saw. They laugh at him and throw him out before Gaston gets the idea to toss Maurice in Maison des Lunes in exchange for having Belle to marry him. Maurice decides to venture to the castle himself, but gets ill and falls unconcious until Belle comes and brings him home. He is about to be taken to the asylum when Belle shows everyone the beast from the mirror she brought back from the castle. Gaston and the other villagers head to the castle, Chip who has stowwed away, uses Maurice's invention to bust him and Belle out. Maurice appears at the end as Belle and Prince Adam(teh Beast's human form) dance in the ball room watching them with Mrs. Potts and Chip who are human again.

He make a minor debut in "MCF and the Rumor Weed" as the second person who heard Rumia's rumor that Tricia's still evil.


  • Maurice was supposed to be like the father in the original story and Belle had two sisters, but was changed because they wanted something different.
  • Originally Be Our Guest was supposed to be for Maurice, but instead they went and chose it for Belle.


  • MCF and the Rumor Weed(debut/minor appearnece)

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